World Happiness Report 2021: India scored 139 out of 149 while Finland crowns for the fourth time

World Happiness Report 2021

In a series of getting the worst rank in the World Freedom Index and Democracy Index, now this time Indians are awarded a negative ranking in the World Happiness report while our border countries except Afghanistan got a better ranking than us.

In this Happiness Index Finland topped the list for the fourth straight year. India Ranked 139 out of 149 countries in the World Happiest Report 2021 While in the previous year India was awarded 144 out of 156 and 140th in 2019.

Among neighbouring countries, Pakistan ranked 105th, China 84th, Sri Lanka 129th and Bangladesh 101st. Afghanistan was the least happy country on the list, while the nine other nations that ranked below India were Burundi, Yemen, Tanzania, Haiti, Malawi, Lesotho, Botswana, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe.

This annual report was prepared by UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

This survey was held in 159 countries by asking people to vote using Gallup World Poll. The poll was based on three measures of life valuation, positive emotions & negative emotions. People have to poll in this survey by choosing option 0-10 in life evaluation based on a ladder example which means that the bottom of the ladder and the top of the ladder are assumed to be 0 and 10 respectively. The second measure is also like the previous method of choosing a number between 0-10. But this time people have to choose from Binary term (0 or 1) in three sub measures 1.Happiness 2.Laugh 3.Enjoyment

For negative emotions, the same exercise was conducted on the three measures of “worry”, “sadness” and “anger.

Apart from these, the report also took into account data related to per capita Gross Domestic Product, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom to make life choices, generosity, and corruption perception.

India’s Ranking in the world happiness report is rapidly slipping down.

Apart from this survey, India’s ranking was also Democracy Index 2020 and Freedom Index 2021 were released by US-based freedom house.

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