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15 Unexpected lessons that will change your life

We always look back a few years and think how ignorant we were. We think we are wiser now, but will our future selves will think so? I sure hope not.


We all think Life would have been very different if we had a future version of ourselves time-travel and give us all the secrets that we know now. No, not how to climb the professional ladder or How to meet your soulmate. I’m talking about valuable life advice and social “hacks” that were far from obvious. How you approach life says a lot about who you are, So here we go. From celebrities to scientists, doctors to artists, I researched some very successful people stories, what they wish they had known when they were younger. We get all the great advice – no time machine needed!

1. Young people think schooling is enough to get rich

Schooling can never give you the wealth you so desire. Sadly, we were never taught how to make wealth in school. We must realize that the real schooling begins outside the forewalls of the classrooms or the university: it’s an ever learning process, we must keep learning every day. The “Real-world” is quite different from the university system.

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“School isn’t the end of your education, be a sponge for knowledge and learn how to enjoy the learning process.” – Paige Arnof-Fenn, founder and CEO of Mavens & Moguls.

2.  The things you like the least will be the things you need to do the most

The temptation to just watch a lot of Netflix and seriously chill out or be lazy for a while is really tempting, but If you are in your 20s, and you’ve lost… Don’t worry, people say it doesn’t get any better. While you grow up and face the ‘real’ life, those absurd facts you came to realize yourself. If somebody did outline what being an adult human is like on an everyday basis, we could have been more prepared.

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 3. Technology is your friend, but also your enemy


Do you respond to your messages using your smartphone while watching a movie with your friends or helping them with their problem? One way or the other, do remember that the technology — while of help at work and home but also has the potential to be an impediment — is our “frenemy”.

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4. We feel safe with the whole government thing, but can’t really stand the processes 

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Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”
 Ernest Benn

5. Just because everyone else thinks something is true doesn’t make it true

The majority isn’t always correct. The unconventional, the creative, and crazy ideas sometimes shine through, but it is scary having no support and only critics. Many people don’t do the extra work to validate things so they spread misinformation or they have mindsets that limit them, so how can you trust 100% of everything you hear? 

6. Everyone is the protagonist of his or her own story

People are busy focusing on themselves, worrying about what others think about them, and everyone else is a side character. Good news because that means people aren’t thinking about you as often as you worry. They’re just as insecure as you are. Being yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on improving yourself. Don’t use it as an excuse to be a half-assed version of yourself. Aim higher. “Be yourself” is vague and outdated.


7. Confidence is the key to just about anything and “it can be learned”

Attracting love interests, business connections, self-esteem, and so much more. It will get you what you want in life and gives you an advantage over everyone else. You’re not doomed if you don’t make yourself necessary. You will always be needed If you learn to create, innovate or design something other people can use and need. It doesn’t take a stroke of luck either, because with deliberate practice and a clear goal, learning how to be confident is possible.

8. Don’t look to relationships to make you happy because you should be happy with yourself first

Relationships (and sex) aren’t the be-all-end-all of human existence. Putting all your expectations into your significant other is a huge burden on both him/her and the relationship.

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9. There’s a big difference between genuine friendships and convenient friendships

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The former is very difficult to form, but very well worth it if you find at least one or two. When you do find genuine friendships, try your best to keep in touch because it’s easy to let things fall through and disappear.

10. Animals will always provide you comfort.

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When people disappoint you, you shake your head and think to yourself “An animal would never do that.” You tell them secrets you would never let fall on human ears. You relate to this on a spiritual level and you support this sentiment with all of your heart.

11. It’s so easy to make someone’s day

People feel invisible sometimes. To make someone’s day, to be honest, does not require a lot of effort. There is never a reason for you to go out of your way to make someone feel special. Sometimes a small smile, a warm look, a casual stroll together or even some small talk over a cup of coffee/juice can make someone’s day, including yours. Equally good outcomes can return to you as the giver, researchers say.

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12. Family matters, but they can be wrong too

It’s scary how much we rely on family to shape us at a young age. You will always feel an undeniable loyalty to your family.

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13. Rejection isn’t the worst thing in the world, inaction is

At least with rejection you gave it a chance with a possible positive outcome. If you fail to take action you default into rejection anyway. Therefore, inaction is the worst thing you can do (or not do.)


14. Life can change at any second and so can you

Get used to change and embrace it. Seek change. Sometimes you don’t realize it but your environment is limiting you. Change can be anything and doesn’t always have to be environmental. Either way, test your adaptability

15. Being an adult doesn’t make you any wiser nor does it mean you have everything together

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Most of us are still trying to figure things out and we’re playing it by ear a lot of times. “Respect your elders” is a common phrase that I’m partial on. I treat everyone with respect, but that doesn’t mean ignorance disappears with age and is replaced by wisdom. Sadly, this means learning how to hold your tongue more often as you grow older.

It all has, of course, been a labour of love, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you liked it, save it as pdf to evoke the lessons and you can also share it with your friends and family too.

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