2020 Popular Memes Collection

As 2020 approaches its end, let’s bid this dreadful year on a laughing note. Memes


The year 2020 hasn’t been too well, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, earthquakes, locust swarms, Australian devastating wildfires, Beirut explosion, George Floyd killing, Pakistan airline crash, devastating floods in Indonesia, Delhi communal riots, lots and lots of deaths including Kobe Bryant, Sushant Singh Rajput, etc… But amidst all this, netizens have provided us with the comic relief every now and then. And rightly so, as in a year full of tragedies, we indeed needed comedy badly.

This comic relief has been bestowed on all of us in the shape of memes. Throughout the year, different sort of memes have been wandering around the various social media platforms, making the netizens laugh out loud.

Today, TSA has come here to take you all on a flashback so that you can end this year on a laughing note.

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Image source: Latestly
Image source: India Memes
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Image Credit: Navbharat Times

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