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A 27-year-old collects old smartphones to educate rural girls in Uttarakhand

Shubham Dharmakstu, from Uttarakhand's Haldwani, is collecting old smartphones to help underprivileged girl students living in remote areas of Uttarakhand to study online. Read on to know more about this inspiring story.


Two years ago, Shubham Dharmsktu made headlines when he travelled to Kanyakumari from Kashmir on foot to highlight the nation’s waste management condition. He raised awareness about recycling and pointed out that only 9-10 % of all the plastic waste is ever recycled.

A few months back, he was seen helping foreign travellers stuck in Jaisalmer as the sudden lockdown news created chaos and the foreigners had nowhere to go. Shubham arranged a safe passage for them to Delhi where the Government programs were in place to assist them.  Now, the 27-year-old social worker is focusing his efforts to help students from outlying areas of Uttrakhand.

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One day, when I was sitting with my mom, she was talking to her students on WhatsApp. When I asked her, “How’s your school during the lockdown?” she told me that only a few of her students have access to phones. Most of her students can’t attend classes,” he told Times Now.

“Schools had been closed for six-seven months. Their education was getting affected as teachers couldn’t provide them study material,” he further said.

Shubham emphasized the discriminatory practice of deprioritizing girls even in day-to-day life events. If there is a single smartphone at home then the boy will get to attend the online classes first.

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His mother, the principal of Government Girls Inter College in Dewayal brought the issue to his notice. Shubham realized he could collect old working smartphones and provide them to girl students in need. Shubham is also helping the girls in setting up their email accounts and teaching them the basics of using a phone.

Shubham Dharmsktu is a social worker and travel enthusiast who likes to make a difference. Such thoughtful efforts renew our faith in humanity.


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