5 European Cities for a Weekend Trip with Friends

Trip with friends

A weekend getaway is an ideal way to escape the stresses of working life and spend quality time with those closest to you. Once the working week is over, you and your friends can hop on a flight to explore a new city, sample a new cuisine, and breathe in its culture.

Some destinations should be at the top of your travel bucket list if you are eager to get away from it all with your close circle. Here is a rundown of the five best European cities for a weekend trip with friends.

  1. London, England

London has it all. Few cities in the world can compare to its nightlife, historic landmarks, food scene, and entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you are an early bird or a night owl, there are attractions and activities to suit your friends’ personalities, from taking selfies outside Buckingham Palace to catching a West End show. When you are not exploring the Tower of London or toasting a successful trip on the London Eye, you can relax in one of the many elegant hotels. It is a stylish way to unwind after a busy working week, as you could your body with a spa treatment, order room service, or even play a fun game of online casino poker in a luxurious bed with a view. It’s a high-end way to play a game of Texas Hold’em or Caribbean Stud Poker. You and your best friends are unlikely to forget a short getaway in the English capital.

  1. Munich, Germany

The vibrant city of Munich will not let you and your friends down. Once you arrive, you can indulge in delectable Gastuben food, explore stunning gothic landmarks or chat, laugh, and make memories in one of its many beer gardens, such as the iconic Hofbräuhaus. Also, you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the German city in the Old Town or take a scenic stroll through the popular Olympic Park. You will feel tempted to extend the fun trip with your friends.

  1. Dublin, Ireland

You and your friends will fall head over heels in love with culturally rich Dublin. Ireland’s capital city is bursting with history, scenery, and charming pubs. If you want to sample Guinness and mix with friendly locals and tourists, look no further than the Temple Bar Area, which is full to the brim with pubs and art venues. If you want to explore Ireland’s extensive history, you can explore Dublin Castle to learn more about the picturesque capital.

  1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Don’t overlook picture-perfect Amsterdam when planning a weekend escape with your close circle. The city has earned the nickname “Venice of the North” due to its ample canals and bridges that will ensure you have a scenic getaway with your best friends. When you can take your eyes off the beautiful view, you can explore many landmarks and attractions, such as Anne Frank House and the Royal Palace Amsterdam. Also, you will feel spoilt for options for museums, bars, and charming cafes, which will ensure you and your pals have an unforgettable break.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

You will wish you had more than a weekend to spend in Budapest, as there is so much to see and do in the capital. You and your friends could happily spend your days sampling delicious street food, browsing smart shops, and breathing in the beauty of the Art Nouveau architecture in Pest, the eastern area of the city. However, you would be wise to make time in your short schedule to visit the more tranquil Buda area, which is home to stunning Ancient Roman baths, the historic Buda Castle, and atmospheric bars in ruined buildings.

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