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5 Incredible Acts Of Humanity Amidst The Depressing Pandemic

A new leaf of humanity has turned, people are going out of the way for humanity! Let's read how...


Every moment of 2020 has been like “WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!”. It has been an year of endless bad news and everyone is feeling like God is playing some sort of game with them. Humanity feels like a joke.

The year 2020 which is yet to be over has made us exhausted, both mentally and physically. And almost everyone is in the search of some silver lining in the dark clouds, some good news to restore their faith in God and humanity. Amidst the search, some incredible moments happened which brought little joy in our extreme lives.

Today, TSA has brought you such 5 touching moments which gave some light of hope and joy to the dreadfully dark days of 2020.

1) When “Baba Ka Dhabha” Came Into Light

In this pandemic, many food joints have lost their source of income and have been struggling to even arrange a loaf of bread. In these difficult times, Delhi’s Kanta Prasad, who was struggling to make ends meet with his food joint called “Baba Ka Dhaba“, flooded with customers by the power of social media.

This small food stall even earned a listing on one of the most popular food delivery services called Zomato in India!

2) And The Humanity Survives

Dr Sanket Mehta, himself being on life support saved a 71-year-old elderly COVID patient! If his doesn’t restore anyone’s faith in humanity, I’m afraid what will.

Such actions remind us that there is still something left in the world to hold onto. Maybe not huge and only a tiny ray of hope but still there is, right?


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Ever heard of what goes around, comes around? 

Yes! Thats true, indeed and for everything. Dr. Sanket, after saving the life of the old man, is himself on the path of fll recovery. And we cannot be more happier. 

3) A baby was born on an Airplane?

A baby boy was born on board Indigo flight from Delhi to Bangalore on Oct7 and was given warmest welcome by the crewmembers! And it melts our hearts, right there.

And to add cherry on the cake, Indigo Airlines gifted the baby boy lifelong @IndiGo6E free tickets! Isn’t that awesome?

4) Education Overrules Pandemic

One of the teachers in Jharkhand came up with an innovative idea to educate children who do not have access to online classes!

She made the students sit far away making sure they follow the social distancing norms, and then she taught them by using speaker. She even gave them separate blackboards so that they can write in large handwriting and she can see from afar. What brilliant way to overrule the pandemic!! She deserves appreciation.


Despite the torrential rainfall and the fear of a deadly virus when the city of Kozhikode witnessed a devastating plane crash several neighboring villagers helped these people unconditionally. Humanity


Even the hospitals were downright exemplary with all the preparedness to save the injured! Such acts restore our faith in humanity, indeed.

So these were some of the moments which provided us with some joy and hope in humanity. Let’s hope we can have many more such moments in near future as well. Let us know in the comments section if you know any. And keep checking our inspiring section for more such good news.

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