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In Accordance With IMDB Ratings: 5 Romantic Movies With Not So Usual Love Plots

What is that one genre that you are everready to watch in Bollywood? It's definitely romance. Let us show you how IMDB rates your favorite romantic flicks.


Bollywood might have emerged out to produce both the mysticism of conventional and non-conventional plots and yet doing unnumbered experiments to bring out some more of it. Anyway, good luck to it.

But today’s talk is not about how Bollywood is innovating, it’s about what it has innovated especially in terms of romance. A romantic Bollywood movie is undoubtedly everything, dramatic with its characters, beautiful with its plots, euphonious with its songs, and famous with almost a cult following.

Here, we at TSA bring for you a list that enumerates what is so special and unusual about romantic movies that acquire top places in IMDB ratings.

  • Barfi (8.1) 

It is one movie which nobody can hate. An unusual silent love story, revolving around a deaf and mute Barfi (as the boy calls himself  because he can’t pronounce Murphy), an angelic beauty Shruti, and an autistic girl Jhilmil, is what our heart seriously needs to endear and ruminate.

What makes the plot unusual is how the lovers can’t communicate their feelings the way you and I do, and still they have a stupendous understanding of each other’s needs and concerns. This enamouring flick takes several brave strides with its un-standard subject and context and, still provides a subtle message about love that everyone needs to understand.

This movie is definitely a watch if you wish to experiment how love transcends all boundaries. Do not miss to experience the exceptional performances by the artists. You will be dazzled.

Pic Credit: Republic World
  • Kal Ho Na Ho (8) 

Any romantic list is incomplete without Shah Rukh Khan’s mention. However, Shah Rukh as charming Aman is not the sole reason why we love this unforgettable movie. The movie comes forward with a plot that’s unusual in its own kind.


A beautifully bizarre love triangle where Aman is the dying lover who would do everything to make her love interest realize those bubbly feelings of romance for another guy, Naina, the girl who loves two persons and can’t decide which to choose (even if she knows the answer deep down her heart), and Rohit who is cultured and loving enough to not mind being the second choice of the lady he loves.

With the intertwined love lives and family ties of these three main characters, the movie is equally hilarious and emotional. But, it’s a little bit on the sad side. Those who have watched it know what I am talking about, and those who haven’t watched it yet, seriously you are missing a major cinematic gem.

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  • Dil Bechara (7.9)

This movie will always belong to Late Sushant Singh Rajput. The highly expressive flick with a plot taken from John Green’s “Fault In Our Stars” fleshes out as a visual treat which gets embellished in your heart for forever. The movie that tells how time is the sole survivor, but this exactly is the moment where this movie becomes exceptional. 

With an almost mystical bond that the two lovers, one with a false leg owing to the disability caused by cancer and, another lugging around with an oxygen cylinder share, these two sheerly and seriously in love do not allow the sense of mortality weigh them down.

Striking up a lively rapport, the two lovers with disease and distress come together to illuminate a brighter side of life with the help of tears aroused out of fear and disturbance of losing the loved one. The movie is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Pic Credit: Hindustan
  • Veer Zara (7.8) 

The movie is as much about courage, as it is about romance. It is as much about differences, as it is about similarities. With a surreal presence of Shahrukh and Preity, the movie already becomes an impressive experiment. Veer Zara is sure to give life goals to the couples. With its theme, characters, locations, it is already one of the most wonderful productions by Yash Raj.

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The movie plot that revolves around the two persons from different religions, and countries and, how they come forward to define an inseparable wholeness is what is so unique about this love story. Its eternal songs became ballads for an entire generation. 


Even today, in an age that seriously needs to pick up its communal harmony, the movie is sure to make us yearn for that ethereal quality of love that enables one to go beyond every length and breadth, and border to get what is his. The entire plot is existential and way ahead of its time. This is one movie that we all might perhaps watch again and again.

  • Dil Se (7.6)

This one is a personal favourite. Although, the movie did not receive an approbation that Shahrukh’s other movies received, neither it became a cult favourite. But there are some mystical quality about this not so unusual love plots that make us enormously enamoured to it. Imagine how the love story of a supposed terrorist looks like?

When all the movies of the era talked about the patriotism and war, this went out of the box to signify what North East meant. And another plot twist here, the prime character is not the actor but the actress in terms of occupation, myriad modifications of the mind, and an ambivalence that is not very often seen on big screens.

The songs definitely subvert your current mood. Apart from being mellifluous, they are highly contextual and apt to the plot. And about the love plot- it’s mysteriously woven around a feeling of passion, and tragedy The quiet glances, the subtle persuasion, the understated intimacy -it was all so moving!

The love story was not about serious declarations about love, it was about being quiet and yet uttering every inch about what it feels to be in love. The movie does not search for the lovers to stay united, it propels everything that keeps them apart. And this exactly is what so tragic and so beautiful from this underrated flick.

Pic Credit: News 18

So, this was the beautiful list prepared and presented with love and about love. If you wish to add something to the story, share in the comments section.


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