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7 Adventurous Places For Shaking Off 2020 If You Are Still Hung Up On It, 3rd One Seems To Be The Best

Dark memories of Covid-19 can’t be forgotten, indeed. But it’s high time to shake those memories off by visiting these 7 places...


No place to go and the dark news pouring in all the time & the consistent danger of the pandemic. That’s how we remember 2020. But finally, we are in 2021! 2020 has been a nightmare for all of us. We are still fighting hard for our survival.

But a loud cheer to all, we have a story to tell ages. Harsh and dark memories of Covid-19 that started in 2020 and still continues, can’t be forgotten indeed. It’s high time to shake those sad and scary memories off.

The list below has 7 perfect places where you can let out your frustrations –

  • Bab Aldonia in Cairo

Yes, it is a café but not a regular one. This beautiful cafe has books, coffee, and a soundproof room where you can shout your lungs out. You get a room designed for this very purpose and can let out your frustration as loud as you can. 

Bab Aldonia, Cairo

Bab Aldonia (The World’s Door) bookshop and cafe in Cairo opened its Scream Room recently, where visitors can scream, kick the walls that too free of charge. Isn’t it great!

Think of walking into a room where you get an axe and allowed to throw the axe as hard as you can at a wall.


Kick Axe Throwing, Brooklyn

This may sound weird but it can be great for the frustration that has grown in you all through 2020. Give it a visit, you will find it interesting and healing. First, professionals will teach you some basics of axe throwing and you are all set to go.

  • Negative Cafe and Bar Mori Ouchi in Tokyo

You might have heard the news “Tokyo has a cafe lounge that’s for negative people only” if not then you get to know it now. The café’s name is Negative Cafe and Bar Mori Ouchi.

It is for people who want to be cranky and grumpy to their heart’s content. The cafe also has private rooms that are especially old-fashioned but attractive, looks like little cabins to help you defocus. 

Negative Cafe and Bar Mori Ouchi, Tokyo

That is not all, The drinks at the cafe have unique names like, “On My Birthday, My Mom Sent Me a Melon from the Countryside, and I Didn’t Have the Heart to Tell Her that I Don’t Really Like Melon Very Much Anymore”.

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The only rule to enter for a man is he should be accompanied by a woman while a woman can go there alone, as usual.

  • The Break Room in Australia

If you needed a place where you could get guilt-free smashing, then this is the place for you. 

The Break Room, Australia

You will get a safety suit and a baseball bat and a room full of random objects from drums to plaster walls that can be smashed through. That’s all now you are free to bang the baseball bat and break the things available there.

  • Dühöngő Rage Room in Budapest

Dühöngő Rage Room, Budapest

It is a perfect rage room available on the list! You are allowed to break the glasses and all sorts of random things while listening to the music of your choice. This can be the place you have been waiting for the count on us and pack your bags.

  • Demolition Zone in Oregon

Demolition Zone is a safe environment for folks in the community to come in and wreck our nice things (instead of yours). Bring your closed-tied shoes and all the stress of the last year, choose your package, and get to smashing!

Demolition Zone, Oregon


This what the founder of Demolition Zone in Oregon has to say, if this doesn’t appeal to you then nothing can. Moreover, you will get to wear really cool gear which will keep you safe while you are smashing your stress out.

  • Tantrums in Houston

If you are a tough person and nothing above is appealing then this is the place for you. At Tantrums in Houston, you are allowed to release your crankiness with a sledgehammer – a huge and heavy sledgehammer.

You’ll be allowed into a room where you can play the songs you want using Bluetooth speaks available and start breaking the things of your choice.

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