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Are US citizens hosting ”coronavirus parties”?


Coronavirus has created a state of panic in the entire with almost every country in the world infected with this deadly virus. Many countries are under self-imposed lockdowns, enforcing social distancing norms and have ordered their citizens to only get out of their houses when it is absolutely necessary.
But the world was baffled when reports came in from the US State of Washington when the state officials warned people against ‘coronavirus parties’. 

“Gathering in groups in the midst of this pandemic can be incredibly dangerous and puts people at increased risk for hospitalization and even death,” warned John Wiesman, the state’s Secretary of Health. He also added that it is unknown if people who once recover have any sort of long term protection from COVID-19. The aim of these parties is for non-infected people to mingle with COVID-19 positive cases in an attempt to catch the virus.

Coronavirus partiesRepesentative Image | By Gerd Altmann from Pixabay But now it seems that the officials have walked back from their earlier claims. According to them, parties were held in which COVID-19 positive people were in attendance but there seems to be no evidence that people deliberately attended these gatherings.

This is not the first time these kinds of gatherings were organised. Chickenpox parties were held back in the day when people meet up with those who contracted the pox so that they contract it and later become immune to it. Hence authorities believe that there is a possibility these gatherings can happen in the future.


Unlike India, the United States has failed to impose a nation-wide lockdown. Many are defying social distancing norms and are rallying in several states in the US. It is the hardest hit by the pandemic with more than 1.2 million cases so far and deaths exceeding 70 thousand.


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