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PLASTIC AS STRONG AS METALS: Bengaluru Engineers are first to create a potential lightweight substitute

New findings into the technological fields have been a remarkable part of our modern-day world with every day a new asset which makes our life more convenient. Engineers from Bengaluru put the latest contribution into the list.


A group of Indian Engineers at Bengaluru R&D Facility of Saudi Arabia based petrochemical company Sabic, have created a type of plastic which is as strong as steel and more light in weight. They created a hybrid solution which is resin-metal based naming Noryl GTX.

NORYL GTX blends polyamide (PA) and modified polyphenylene ether polymer (PPE) technology. It connects the dimensional stability, low water absorption and heat resistance of PPE polymer with the chemical resistance and flow of PA polymer. The outcome is a remarkably chemically resistant substance with the stiffness, impact resistance and heat performance required for on-line painting. The low density of unfilled NORYL GTX resin can provide part-weight savings of up to 25% over a glass or mineral-filled resins.

Major features of NORYL GTX are :




Janardhanan Ramanujalu, Company’s Regional head for South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, said, “You don’t normally associate plastic with high temperatures. But we have developed polymers that can work in very high temperatures (as when a car is painted) and which are replacing traditional metals.”

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“Our resin combines with steel to form a very efficient energy-absorption crash-box structure. It cuts the weight by up to 30% and can be compared to high-strength steel and maintains the required level of crash-worthiness,” he added.

For the team of 300 Engineers working at Bengaluru Research & Development facility of Sabic Petrochemicals, which mostly comprises of chemical and material scientists, this isn’t the only remarkable achievement as they are constant with bringing new and innovative tech applications.

According to Rajeshwer Dongara, head of the Bengaluru facility, “The application design team at the Bengaluru centre collaborates with global customers in designing and optimising the Noryl GTX resin structures which are moulded over onto the steel skeleton of vehicles. These novel light-weight designs help car structures absorb the impact energy (if there’s an accident).”

Bengaluru This achievement of Engineers from Bengaluru considers being a better leap for the automobile industry as it brings strength, durability and stability all along with lesser weight than that of metal.

This remarkable creation is a proud moment for the nation as Indian Engineers keep setting high standards with innovations.

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