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10 Hilarious Book Dedications That You Might Not Just Gloss Over

From a perfunctory reading, to a religious session, books nonetheless amuse us. This time the reason is their dedication pages. The book dedication pages which were often seen as serious have sense of hilarity embedded throughout. Read and relax yourself.


How many of you are interested in reading the book from cover to cover, word to word? I am sure, pretty decent number of people will answer in positive.

Well, the question wasn’t asked to judge your dedication to your habit of reading. It was rather asked you to bring to you a memory of the dedication pages inscribed somewhere in the introductory pages with immense love and remembrance for the person/clan/group the book is dedicated to.

But, you know it well. Writers are creative as hell. To admire this creativity of some writers, TSA introduces you to some boom dedication pages which came as different adjectives- creative, hilarious and heartwarming.

1. It’s definitely relatable to many.

Pic Credit: demilked

Next time, when you wonder why your name is not correct under spell checker, feel proud to know that it’s at least dedicated in some wonderful book.

2. When Creativity Meets Philosophy (Just Saying)

Pic Credit: vladmandingo

Love pets? Good news. The writer loves them too. But to many, this may sound the truest words written down. 🙂


3. Just husband things.

Pic Credit: nsarnoff

Did “How I met your mother?” just showed up with its 2nd part as “All the women I met before I met your mother?” 😉 Interesting. Lol.

4. Rejection, in a book-ish manner

Pic Credit: Darkninsta

Ever been in a situation of friend-zoning someone? Here’s an idea. Do it in a classy way. Dedicate a book. Tell the world about your friend-zoning fantasies.

5. About all those childhood traumas that ruin your sleeps.

Pic Credit: Amazon

How often do we want to stand up for ourselves? But we can’t because it’s not “respectable”. Here’s another way. Also, may the uncle find the book out.

6. When an introvert falls in love

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Pic Credit: Amazon

When a book dedication is enough to arouse your interest in reading it. We think Ania might have accepted.

7. An amusing moment for the youngest sibling (which seldomly comes)

Pic Credit: keribradyb

So, now the eldest could not bully the youngest that she was found somewhere randomly. I never knew that the dedication pages may end family quarrels.

8. The best one

Pic Credit: demilked

Already impressed? The truth was told when they said a book has something for everyone. For you and me and everyone thinking about the book, it’s a dedication page this time.

9. When writers pamper themselves

Pic Credit: neverlandricky

Call him a narcissist, or a flamboyant or any fancy name? But the writer took the pains to write the book. So why not?


10. Truth has been spoken

Pic Credit: ZoNaseef

When you can spill out the truth about parenting because you are going to be famous anyway.

Hope, you enjoyed them. And I sincerely wish, someday we could write the book dedications half as good as these.

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