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Brazilian President tests positive for COVID-19

The president said he was developing symptoms on Sunday including cough and high temperature.


The Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro report has shown him positive for coronavirus when he took his fourth test after developing symptoms and raised temperature.

The president said he was developing symptoms on Sunday including cough and high temperature and felt unwell also that on Monday the situation worsened which prompted him to take up the test. Not to forget the 65-year-old president is in a high-risk zone considering the critical age group.

Bolsonaro revealed his face to claim he was doing well, but is being criticised online. (Source: Sammi L/ Twitter)


Since the outbreak, the president has been having a soft hand dealing with the pandemic. He has repeatedly bluffed the risk calling it “a little flu” and that there has been more dangerous disease which have take more lives certainly than any coronavirus. He continuously urged the local governors to ease the lockdown since it has been ruining up the economy. He even watered out regulations on wearing face masks. The president also mentioned that he has been taking doses of hydroxychloroquine, a medicine which he called “Sanjeevani booti” earlier referring to the Ramayana, the dose has already been mastered by US President Donald Trump.

The executive director of the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr. Mike Ryan wished Bolsonaro a speedy recovery along with a healthy warning-“I think the message to us all is: we are vulnerable to this virus.”


Bolsonaro’s degree of a precaution nature is clearly visible through the statements he made over the past few months on regarding coronavirus, as per BBC News report:
“From what I have seen until now, there are other kinds of flu which have killed more people than that [coronavirus] one” (11 March)

“Today we have information, that because we have a more tropical climate [in Brazil] we’ve almost reached the end [of the pandemic], or it’s already over (…) the virus doesn’t spread as fast in warm climates like ours” (18 March).

“After being stabbed, I’m not going to be brought down by a little flu” (20 March).

Being a national leader he failed to create awareness among his citizens but as now he is on the dragger’s drawn, the president has cleared off some of his misleads, the law has been amended again which requires the people to wear face masks in public.
“Health is wealth” may seem rhetoric but remains profoundly everlasting.
He has been seen a number of times in public gathering without maintaining social distance or wearing a mask.



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