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12 Countries Where You Can Smoke Weed And Still Not Get In Trouble

Unlike India, there are places around the globe where it is legal to consume and possess Cannabis. Here's a list of 12 Countries Where You Can Smoke Weed And Still Not Get In Trouble.


There are various countries where it is a criminal offense if you are caught with marijuana. However, there are places around the globe that have legalized or decriminalized the consumption and possession of weed & marijuana either for recreational or medicinal purposes. Some countries like Canada and Uruguay even allow you to grow a certain number of plants in your home. In the Netherlands, you are allowed to light a joint in coffee shops only.


Canada is the first among the G-7 and G-20 nations to legalize the consumption of cannabis and its cultivation and possession. It is legal in Canada for 18 years old and up to possess up to 18 gms of Marijuana. Also, it is legalized by law to grow up to 4 marijuana plants at home. However, while purchasing Cannabis one should take care that they are buying from licensed retailers and producers.

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Uruguay legalized cannabis in December 2013. Thus, becoming the first country to legalize cannabis in the modern era. In August, the cultivation of up to 6 cannabis plants was also legalized. In Uruguay recreational Marijuana are available in pharmacies. All one has to do is register before buying it.

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In Netherlands, the use of Marijuana is limited to coffee shops only. You aren’t allowed to grow the plant for personal use but for a person who is of age 18 and above. It is not a criminal offense to smoke weed it is just that one should restrict it to the coffee shops.

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Georgia legalized the consumption and possession of Marijuana in July 2018. However, the cultivation and sale of Marijuana are still under prohibition by the law.


Jamaica decriminalized weed in 2015. You are allowed to use Marijuana in Jamaica and if you are a Rastafarian then you can use an unlimited amount of Cannabis without any repercussion.


Columbia enjoys decriminalized possession and consumption of up to to 20 grams. But it is illegal to grow or sell it. However, you can grow up to 20 plants for your personal use and the climate is quite favorable for weed cultivation as well.

12 Countries Where You Can Smoke Weed joint
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Portugal decriminalized drugs back in 2001. All kinds of drugs are allowed. You are permitted to carry up to 25 grams at a time. Yes, that’s is quite a number!


Lighting a joint was legalized in Spain in 2017 in the smoking Clubs of Catalonia, a northern region of the country. You are free to smoke without any repercussion whatsoever.

Marijuana joint in the hand | Picture Credit: Boston Magazine

The Czech Republic

It is legal to carry up to 15 grams in here. Medical usage is fully legal for about a year now.

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Personal consumption is legal in Croatia and limited medical usage too, is allowed to some extent. However, one cannot cultivate and sell drugs.

Costa Rica

Consumption of weed is illegal here, however, personal use does not land you in any trouble of penalties. Although, the sale of Marijuana is illegal here.

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It is legal to consume marijuana and you are allowed to possess 3 grams of cannabis if you are 18 and above. However, you have to be discreet and not smoke in public.

12 Countries Where You Can Smoke Weed
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  1. […] 12 Countries Where You Can Smoke Weed And Still Not Get In Trouble […]

  2. […] 12 Countries Where You Can Smoke Weed And Still Not Get In Trouble […]

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