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What do we understand about COVID Vaccine immunity

COVID vaccines might not be as reliable and sustainable according to the experts


The vaccination race has already begun! About 80% of Israel’s population is vaccinated. But the big question is how long the vaccine will last! How long is it safe for people to take vaccines? Is a vaccine adequate to shield us from the virus’s mutation that occurs with each transfer?

The answer to this question is unknown. Experts don’t know yet. The study of vaccines is still in the process. It is not clearly evident whether the vaccine can solely protect people from getting infected. Many cases can be seen where people had taken their first dose or in some cases even second dose, but still, get infected. In many instances, people have also died even after taking vaccines. People also faced mild negative to severe effects of vaccines apart from the positive aspect.

Expect do believe that there is no complete certainty that claims that vaccine is sufficient for the mutation of the virus. A vaccine researcher at the University of Washington, Deborah Fuller said “we only have information for as long as the vaccine has been studied. We have to study the vaccinated population and start to see at what point do people become vulnerable again to the virus”


As per individual capacity, Pfizer’s ongoing trial indicates that the two doses of vaccine can last up to 6 months and likely longer. They are assumed to be highly effective. Moderna’s vaccine also had the same level of efficiency and had a notable level of antibody development that is likely to last up to six months and more.

However, even if the vaccine does not prevent the virus completely but it helps in blurring the severity. But how long the vaccine can prevent its effect is still a great confusion. A vaccine expert at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Kathleen Neuzil said the covid vaccine would last for a year but it won’t provide lifelong protection as in case of other vaccines like measles shot.

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As per the American experts, one must follow up shot continuously till the complete eradication of the virus.

In recent times, the world had met a new trend of wearing a mask. This clearly indicates that we shall not play with the law of nature else we would be locked inside as we have seen at times of lockdown. Also, a greater understanding of the environment is a necessity.



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