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Downpour in South Korea: A Warning to be Heeded

Torrential downpour in South Korea kills 30 and displaces 3700 in longest running monsoon since 2013.


After more than a week of heavy downpour in South Korea, at least thirty deaths and twelve missing persons in landslides, floods and different incidents have been reported. The South Korean government has also asked residents to exercise caution as the torrential rain is expected to continue.

An estimated thirty-seven hundred people have been displaced due to the flooding in residential areas, roads and farming fields in the southern part of the country.

Woo Jin-Kyu, a weather official stated that many places in the country received up to four times more than usual rainfall in the past week than the average record of the same period in the past thirty years.

This is South Korea’s longest monsoon in almost seven years which has caused destruction and wreaked havoc amongst the public.


According to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety data, five thousand people have been safely evacuated as the rains continued causing floods and landslides.

Local flights in Gwangju airport were cancelled and locals were requested to stay indoors.

The forest department has raised landslide warnings to its highest levels in all regions except Jeju Island.


According to reports, about hundred metres of levee collapsed at the Seomjin River situated near the southern edge of the Korean peninsula.

The Han River has submerged its surrounding areas after more than thirty-seven days of downpour, as the longest monsoon South Korea has seen since 2013.

As the torrential downpour continues to destroy lives and livelihoods across the island nation, humans have failed to notice that floods are becoming common all across the world and have been wreaking havoc in Asia, Africa and Europe. Humans need to realize that this is a climate emergency, while the effects may seem moderate today but in the long run, if action is not taken now, it will result in the extinction of the human race in the very near future.



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