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Five ways to take care of your Pets during this quarantine


Nowadays people keep their pets inside their homes because they think these adorable creatures could make them feel happy and relaxed after a long and stressful day. Having a pet is rewarding, but it can be hard work as well.
Start with the following five tips on how to take better care of our furry family members.


Take Time to exercise them

Without physical exercise, pets get out of shape, just like we do. Making sure your pet gets enough exercise can help prevent aggression and destructive behaviors. Buy toys and playsets for you and your pet to use together. A dog should be walked, and need time to run around in their balls. Play should be fun for both your pet and you, but make sure it is safe and monitored at all times.


Keep your dog cool when it’s hot outside

When the temperature rises, you may be able to stay cool by sweating or drinking a nice glass of iced tea, but your dog isn’t so lucky. Not only should your dog not drink tea or any caffeinated beverage for that matter they also really don’t have the ability to sweat very well. The dog mostly cools themselves off by panting. So try to stay indoors, watch when you go out do all you can to avoid the “heat of the day.” Provide them reliable shade, provide a cool spot to lie down. Most dogs look for cool places to lie down when they’re hot, like a tiled bathroom or kitchen floor. But if you want to provide an extra cool spot. “The cool pet pad” is a great option.

Feed your pet Sufficiently

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Feeding your pet is another way to show how much you care. Careful consideration when choosing what food or treats are best for your breed of animal is a great way to keep them healthy and happy. Checking online, going to pet-specific stores, and checking with your veterinarian are just some ways to get information about what foods and treats are recommended.




Provide plenty of fresh drinking water

Provide several large bowls or buckets of drinking water for your dogs, making sure to check and refill them (at least) daily. Be sure to place them where your dog can easily reach them and try to put them in areas with reliable shade.
You can also encourage your dog to stay hydrated by making them an interactive and icy treat to play with. You can buy something like the Doggie Cone system, or you can just put your dog’s favorite toys and treats in a metal dog bowl, fill it with water. These can be a huge hit — so you might want to have several of these freezing at any one time, so you’ve got plenty ready to go for a string of warm days!

Get your pet Groomed

Regular grooming is a great way to care for your pet. This will keep both you and your pet healthy. Cutting their nails will prevent problems with walking. Try brushing your pet’s teeth Once daily. Brushing their teeth reduces bad breath. Bathing them can reduce dander and itching and will make your pet more comfortable. Brushing an animal’s coat helps to keep their hair loss to a minimum and it is a terrific way to give them the attention they crave.


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