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France government asks Apple to box iPhone 12 along with EarPods

In France iPhone 12 will come bundled with its EarPods inside a slightly larger box to compensate with the law in the country.


iPhones are always considered one of the best smartphones in the market; Apple still amazes us with plenty of new features and pricing. However, recently the company took a bizarre decision, not to include the iPhone charger and hands-free with the smartphone. Apple took this stance to make the packaging substantially smaller, saving on additional shipping costs and carbon emissions.
Nevertheless, Apple still needs to bundle EarPods with the iPhone 12 because the government of France strictly asked the company to do so. Now French don’t need to spend extra euros on earplugs. But since iPhone 12 comes in a globally standard retail box, Apple is now providing a large package which includes smartphone along with EarPods. Still, there is no charger included in the box as it was not exclusively mentioned by the law of France.

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Apple took its decision to exclude charger and headphones from its iPhone boxes as an environmental commitment during its October iPhone 12 event. The company believes that this decision will save 2 million metric tons of carbon a year, that is equivalent to taking 450,000 cars off the road each year. For context, Apple’s entire yearly carbon footprint is 25 million metric tons, making this a reasonably substantial saving. The company also reasoned that most of the people do have extra chargers and earphones at home, which they can use it for new smartphones too.

Although it makes sense to cooperate with recycling practices, it is not economically rational because, although excluding the accessories, Apple did not lower the iPhone price. These accessories are sold by Apple separately, but with a little discount on the previous price.
Earlier this year, Apple launched iPhone 12 series, which comes in 4 models, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. None of them includes charger and EarPods.

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