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Indian Railways Rolls Out Special Trains For Passengers Safety This Covid-19


As Coronavirus has put a halt over the travel, the Indian Railways has rolled out trains with special features for the post-Covid world.

 It includes handsfree facilities to avoid the risk of transmission as much as possible. “The post-Covid coach has hands-free amenities like foot-operated water tap & soap dispenser, foot-operated lavatory door (outside), foot-operated flush valve, foot-operated latches in lavatory door, outside washbasin with foot-operated water tap and soap dispenser and forearm operated handle on the compartment door.” The Indian Railways said.

The locks and handrails of the coaches will be covered by Copper.  “Copper has anti-microbial properties. When virus lands on copper, Ion blasts pathogen and destroys the DNA and RNA inside the virus,” the Indian Railways continued.


The air conditioner of the coaches will be equipped by “Plasma Air Equipment” to sanitise the air and make sure that the passengers are protected from Coronavirus and particulate matter in the air.

The coaches will have Titanium dioxide coating on all the surfaces like lavatory, washbasins, snacks table and “virtually every surface that comes in human contact”. As the Railway ministry stated, “This is an eco-friendly water-based coating that kills viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungal growth and most importantly enhances indoor air quality.”

The coaches will be manufactured by the manufacturing factory of Indian Railways, Rail Coach Factory (RCF), Kapurthala.




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