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UP’s Muzaffarnagar Khap Panchayat Bans Shorts For Men, calling it Distasteful

UP's Muzaffarnagar Khap Panchayat Bans Shorts For Men. Four years ago the same Khap Panchayat banned jeans for women to counter sexual harassment.


Khap panchayats (caste councils) in the State (mostly Western Uttar Pradesh and Haryana), who once banned women from using cell phones and wearing jeans, alleging women, “to be the tools who contaminate society and brought a nasty name to the community”, are now back with another reckless law, but this time the victims are the men.

The Times of India reported that a prominent Khap Panchayat in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar has imposed a diktat, banning men from wearing shorts in public, as it would look distasteful.

 Khap Panchayat
Credit: Twitter

During a meeting held by a panchayat of several important Khaps, this issue was drawn to the attention following various complains from women in the Sisoli village on Thursday.
Chief of Balyan Khap, Naresh Tikait said: “We had put a ban on wearing jeans by girls in the villages and we got 90% success in this. Now, due to several complains from the girls, we want to bar youths from wearing short pants”.

He further added, “We can’t call it an order; it is a piece of advice. Only imposing such restrictions on girls is no solution”.

While the Khap stated that it is not an order, but the law asserted that if somebody is caught in the shorts, his name and address will be documented and action will be taken against him. Well if it’s advice why does it sound like a warning?

While most of the people in the society are fighting for basic human rights, The Khap panchayat, offensively known for its parallel judiciary, has continued to disgust us with its illogical laws.
Despite the Supreme Court, in 2017, announcing the Khap Panchayats as “illegal,” after the various reports of honour killings they have continued to exert considerable influence over the society.

Credit: probono-India

There have been incidents where Khaps have sanctioned rape of women as ‘punishment’ for the blunders executed by men in their family, where chowmein has been considered to be the sole reason for rape cases as they lead to hormonal imbalance.
Well, check out what netizens have to say about their recent diktat introduced by the Khaps.



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