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Little Jannat is keeping “Jannat” clean with her little hands; become an eye-opener for many


Environmental pollution is one of the things that has become a huge problem in India and other countries. Where on one hand we preach of keeping our environment clean, the very contrary most of the time never implement it. In a world where everything is visible yet we choose to blind our eyes when it comes to doing something for the environment, Greta Thunberg comes to our mind when we talk about kids involved in environmental conservation and fortunately, we have one little girl in our own country named Jannat, a seven-years-old from the Valley who by now has laid the inspiration for millions.

 Jannat with her father did something that both government and citizens fail to do most of the time. In a recent video that trended on Twitter and caught the attention of many, she is seen surrounded by the garbage in her Shikara, relentlessly cleaning Dal Lake in Srinagar for two years now. Her first video surfaced the internet back in 2018 but did not reach many.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter appreciating her efforts. “Hearing this little girl will make your morning even better! Great passion towards Swachhata.” He tweeted and also shared her video.

Video credit: WIO News

Her story was also published in a textbook of a Hyderabad based school. “I got a call from my friend in Hyderabad who said that my daughter’s name has been included in a school textbook. I asked him to send it to me. It was a proud moment for me.” Jannat’s father Tariq Ahmad said in an interview with the Logical Indian.

Jannat in a very little age has not only been an eyeopener to many but has also set an example of how one shall be obliged towards the environment. She didn’t wait for anybody and edged this move on her own invoking millions towards environmental duty. She says that most of her inspiration comes from her dad who she calls “Baba”. His love for the environment and his place is what inspired Jannat to do something for her motherland with the help of her father.

Image credit: Times of India

“I was inspired by my father to clean the lake. All recognition I am getting is due to my baba“. Jannat is heard saying in a video.

“Today, I and my father did a little cleaning of the lake. We found a lot of garbage, but just me doing the cleaning of Dal Lake will not be enough. Dal Lake is one of the best things we have and everybody living in Kashmir should come forward and do the best to preserve its beauty.” She added

She has been cleaning it for two years. If a small kid like her can show a willingness to clean our environment, then what is it that stops us, and why are we not doing anything? Can we stop complaining about the problems and start searching for the solution that makes our planet a better place to live? I urge all my readers to take inspiration from Jannat and lay her a hand in an initiative that has not yet taken by any in India of her age. 

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