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Modi, Biden, Morrison, Suga write joint Op-Ed, say Quad allures ‘spark of hope’

" We have unanimously launched a 'vaccine initiative' that India would produce up to 1 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine by 2022 and it would be financed by the US and Japan, said the leaders.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga held a first-ever virtual Quadrilateral summit on Friday.

 Leaders of these four democratic nations had shared their vision for an Indo-Pacific region That’s  “Free, Open, Resilient and Inclusive”, in the joint Op-Ed published in the Washington Post.


Image source: The Hindustan Times

“We all wanted to ensure that the Indo-Pacific is accessible and dynamic, the region should be governed by International law and bedrock principles such as freedom of navigation and peaceful resolution of disputes. And that all nations can make their own political choices, free from coercion. In recent years, that vision has increasingly been tested. Those trials have only strengthened our resolve to reckon with the most urgent of global challenges together”. They said further.


For curbing out the infection of Covid-19 in the Indo-Pacific region, all four members of Quad launched a vaccine initiative.


” We have unanimously launched a ‘vaccine initiative’ that India would produce up to 1 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine by 2022 and it would be financed by the US and Japan, They stated.


” After the outbreak of Covid-19, each of us has grieved the suffering that our people and the world have endured. But in this dark hour, our partnership offers a spark of hope to the light the path ahead”, They further said.

Image source: The Economic Times

Stressing on the history of Quadrilateral as known as “the Quad”, the leaders explained,

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” Our cooperation was born in December 2004, during the unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Indonesia, when tidal wave wrecked the country”.

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