Disappearing rivers as a cause of Glaciers melt


The effects of global warming are not hidden from any one of us. Melting of the glaciers due to global warming was one of the biggest effects of this factor that has been seen in nature. However, these melting of the glaciers are also having side effects on other natural resources as well.


The rapidly melting of the glaciers all over the world has now resulted in the disappearance of the rivers.


According to the research of the scientist as we are moving towards a world left with very fewer glaciers, all the land that was covered by the ice will be ice-free and also causing the rivers redirecting in the high mountain areas.

Picture credit: The guardian

In some areas, this might not affect humans in anyways. But in the areas where the people are solely dependent on the water that is flowing in the rivers will be affected very badly. It has been noticed by the scientist that in 2016 the period of intense melting of the glaciers had permanently redirected the meltwater of the Aay Chu towards the steeper gradient east vis the Kaskawulsh River, into the Gulf of Alaska which is thousands of miles away for its original destination.

This is going to affect a lot to the people who are dependent on these river bodies for their living. Also, many of the tribal or small groups are dependent on these rivers for their staple food that is fishing. Now the boats and the fishermen are obliged to move towards the new locations in the search of the fishes as they are deemed to be displaced by the changes in the rivers.

It has been predicted that over the number years in the future this will become common as well as the problem for the tribal and the culture and tradition attached people will face a lot of problems.


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