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Rumi: A Literature in Time of Ruins


“One day you will be known as the Voice of love,” Shams remarked to Rumi.

– Forty Rules of Love.

There is no such thing like perfectibility of human. But for these humans have tried to keep their sanity quiet intact and to their wonders literature has one such genre branching out in many voices irrespective of its regular academic discipline to keep it a continuous go. You might have come across as a misguided voice of path and searched your soul, tragically to your cherry blossom swooning days you found Rumi within.

Mawlana Jalaloddin Balkhi (known in central Asia) had born in 1207 Balkh, a border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan now famously renowned personality as Rumi-(known in Iran). He was the follower of Sufi-Islam. Religion is the consequence of human interaction which is a legacy passed to one tribe to other from ancestor’s hence much of muchness could be traced in Rumi’s life. He inherited his father, Baha Valad, religion Sufism. However, nothing reminds, as humans are the spirits of profound attachment. From that point, this attribute had proved as a stimulus-aid to reckon the second most important part of our lives which we called as an attachment. We have given different noun-abstracts to it such as memoirs, memory and thought to cherish later.  For instance, Prophet Noah famous for his ark, honorable warrior Ali for his eminent sword and Rumi for his companion-wandering dervish Shamsodin of Tabriz. In accordance to this, history which is the event to recall past and was created in present for the future has an inclination to the mystics of Shams which gave Islam a more impassioned outcome in the past to the ultimate direction of Sufism in the present to reach to us ecstatic level through pious religious scholar Mawlana (known as our lord), Rumi, to connect in future. Henceforward, through the unusual and incepting mystics of Shams, he got renowned and most published poet in Europe and America by 1997.  His settling in Konya, central Anatolia at the age of ten has brought upon him many remarkable themes of life and one such was Ebn Arabi a famous name fanboy-ing in Turkish series Dilirius Ertugrul where Ancient Muslim has one of the beautiful history of histories where Ibn-e-Arabi is one such theosophical character shaped the series on philosophy and science through his teachings. Therefore in Masnavi one of the interpreted Rumi’s works summarized the dots of inspiration from Ibn-e-Arabi theosophical working system. The gigantic leap of faith for Rumi came from Shams where endless compassion can be seen in history of companionships. It is wisely said faith and love can make human a legendary hero endowed with strengths but shams added to the ears of Rumi “Gods wants us modest and unpretentious”. It can be seen he was the completion of Rumi’s religion, strength to his preaching words, connotation of Rumi AL-might’s Koran, blessed air to Rumi’s followers. Shams who was a wandering dervish was eyes, ears and legs of Rumi’s city. Besides, his captivity with words usually left frenzy in Rumi where Rumi being at a position of most revered leader sought whole universe in magnificent energy of his companion. Shamsodin of Tabriz lived less than two years in the vicinity of Mawlana and was forced to leave city because no one, even Rumi’s family members couldn’t stand the spiritual attractive closeness of Rumi and Shams. Shams quoted once, “The universe is one being. Everything and Everyone is interconnected through invisible web of stories. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all in a silent conversation. Do no harm. Practice compassion. And do not gossips behind anyone’s-not even a seemingly innocent remark! The words that come out of our mouths do not vanish but are perpetually stored in infinite space, and they will come back to us in due time. One man’s pain will hurt us all. One man’s joy will make everyone’s smile”, Rumi knew the day had come when Shams had to leave and this thought would cause him almost pale as if sharp knife of pain pierced through. Shams was murdered out of Rumi’s followers and acquaintances jealousy. But, the timely encounters of two have left a sanctuary of infinite soul-searching with awed philosophies of Rumi where we can juxtapose Shams presence. Rumi with his most acknowledged work Masnavi showed beautiful classical literature as most inspirational work of his works. In history where he endeavor the pain and continued with his work in times of his agony which turned to  glistening hymn of human sub-consciousness to worship humanity which encompasses of worldly desires.



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