8 Scenes Where Children Confronted Their Parents For Extremely Valid Reasons In Hindi Cinema

Bollywood films are crammed with scenes where children confront their parents for all valid reasons. This post is dedicated to all the times when children stood up for themselves and confronted their parents about what went wrong.

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Not just in Indian society, the entire world is in a habit of treating parents like perfect humans who cannot be on the wrong side or make mistakes.

But, in our culture, this habit is further magnified where parents often have a hard time observing their wrong decisions, and even more difficult for them is to ask for an apology from their children. 

This list is not only a reminder of all the times when Hindi Cinema portrayed some eye-opening and emotional scenes in the movies but also when it proved that parents too were flawed beings who often committed blunders. 

1. Highway 

One of the many movies being a brainchild of Imtiaz Ali, Highway was a masterpiece, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of movie with Alia Bhatt in its main role.

8 Scenes Where Children Confronted Their Parents For Extremely Valid Reasons In Hindi Cinema
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The confrontation begins with Veera calling out her uncle who abused her when she was little and later on confronts her mother for asking her to be silent about it.

All the young girls of our society can relate to this scene where abuse is perpetrated by those around us by silencing the victims and compelling them to suppress the trauma which later develops into a cycle of shame and regret. 

2. Tamasha 

Another masterpiece by Imtiaz Ali that follows the journey of self-discovery, Tamasha is a story of two people, Ved and Tara, who met each other in Corsica and were able to be themselves during their vacations while Ved has to move back to his boring life once he is back from the country.


Although not a direct confrontation, Ved allegorically narrated a story of a man who was pushed into a rat race of which he didn’t want to be a part.

He wanted to convey to his father how his aspirations died and he was forced to be in a world where he did not fit in because his father did not recognize his potential. 

3. Dear Zindagi 

Dear Zindagi features a very unique confrontation where Kaira calls out her parents for taking irresponsible decisions.

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In a society where we are brought up to think of our parents as idols, Dear Zindagi portrays that parents should be treated just like normal human beings.

For sure, they deserve our respect more than anyone else but there is an equal chance of them making mistakes like everyone else. 

4. Gully Boy 

Receiving numerous accolades owing to its extraordinary aspects, Zoya Akhtar did a wonderful job in creating the background and sequences where the characters are portrayed with a raw and realistic approach.


Murad confronted his father twice, initially for his second marriage where he mustered the courage to leave the home with his mother and then to follow his dreams to become a rapper. 

5. Jug Jugg Jeeyo 

Directed by Raj Mehta, Jug Jugg Jeeyo shows a unique confrontation as the plot deals with the issue of marriage and its issues, Varun Dhawan’s character confronts his father not as a father but as a spouse who has never paid the required attention to his wife, almost often neglecting her needs and wishes.


6. Dil Dhadakne Do 

One of the most important films when it comes to dealing with the issues around feminism, marriage, and toxic masculinity, Dil Dhadakne Do portrays Kabir, played by Ranveer Singh, confronting the hypocrisy of his parents whose relationship is based on anger, infidelity, and lies and who seemingly give grand relationship speeches for others.

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This scene, mixed with sarcasm and remarks, shows how parents sometimes try to deny the wrong so as to not accept reality.

7. Kapoor and Sons 

An under-appreciated film when it comes to the strained relationship between children and parents, Kapoor and Sons shows how many families are dysfunctional without even realizing it.

Dichotomy Of Irony

Siddharth Malhotra’s character calls out his mother for sharing his idea of a book with his brother- making it one of the most important sequences in Hindi Cinema.

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