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Simple yet very effective tips for reducing excessive hair loss

Excessive hair loss is the biggest tension among a lot of us which is caused by hectic work patterns, stressful lifestyle, pollution, improper schedules, etcetera. TSA has brought you some simple yet very effective tips to reduce excessive hair loss.


One of the biggest stress among a lot of us is excessive hair loss. And every time when we complain about this to our elders, they have apt answers, “It is because of the weather” or “You don’t eat proper Ghar ka Khana” and most of the times as our mothers say, “Every problem in your life is because of the mobile phone!”

Honestly, there are various reasons for the excessive hair loss including hectic work patterns, stressful lifestyle, pollution, improper schedules, et cetera to name some and the harsh reality is we cannot get a forever escape from this lifestyle. 

Well, most of us dream of having beautiful hair every time we watch these fancy hair products advertisements which leads to even more stress. There is a saying that hair is the crown of a person, be it a man or a woman, but what if this crown is taken off? SCARY!!! I’m sure none of us wants that in our life. 

Today we have brought you some simple yet very effective tips you all should keep in minds, and religiously follow to reduce excessive hair loss: 

1) Invest in a healthy diet: It’s true that what we consume internally, is exactly what it reflects externally. Therefore, consume food that is high in proteins, Vitamin A, and biotin. If you can have an egg, then the egg is the best source of protein. One of the best alternatives to the egg is yoghurt. Yoghurt is not only rich in protein but also a great source of probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that helps in absorbing nutrients in your body. This will reduce hair thinning issues. Your hair is basically made up of a structural protein called keratin. Thus, the lack of protein in the diet can lead to hair loss. Other food options can be spinach, meat, berries, etc.

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2) Dry scalp massage: Invest at least 4-5 minutes every day in massaging your scalp with the fingertips, this will help in increasing blood circulation and further this will not only reduce stress but also help in hair growth. 

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3) Regular oiling: Dry, itchy, flaky scalp, still ignoring it, we all are guilty of ignoring the oiling routine for our hair. We all have heard from our mothers and grandmothers about the benefits of oiling the scalp. The oil we use to massage our scalps gets deep inside the roots and reduces dryness, dandruff, premature greying, and many more. You can use any type of oil most beneficial are coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil. For best results, after oiling cover your hairs with a hot towel, this will help the oil to soak deep inside your scalp and make it look strong and shiny. 

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Dabur Amla Hair Oil (Credit: YouTube)

4) Tying the hair in the right way: We usually tend to open our hair while sleeping, which can lead to split ends, hair thinning. Always tie your hair either in a top knot bun or simply braid it. When you open your hair while sleeping it would lead to regress rubbing on the surface which could lead to damaging hair strands. Also, try to invest in silk pillowcases because they keep the hair hydrated which results in smoother, frizz-free hair every morning.

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5) Never comb wet or damp hair: Always let your hair air-dry completely, as the wet hair is most fragile and therefore combing it would further lead to hair loss. Therefore, always towel dry your hair in a dabbing motion, no regress towel drying. 

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6) DIY Hair packs: While there are thousands of hair packs, hair masks available in the market and online but there is one hair pack which is easy to pocket and very basic as well as effective, these are DIY packs. Take 3-5 spoons full of yoghurt as per the length of your hair, add 1-2 spoon of honey, and 1 tablespoon fuller earth powder (Multani Mitti). Mix them well and apply the pack especially focusing on the scalp. Keep it for good 30-40 minutes and rinse it with cold water and apply a hair cleanser. Yoghurt is rich in protein and nourishes the scalp, honey is a hydrating and a smoothing agent which leads to smooth and shiny hair, and fuller earth is a natural cleanser that will clean the scalp. You can use it once a week.



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