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12 Signs That Your One True Love Is “Sleep”

Are you the one who thinks of sleep when people ask that one thing you love doing the most? Then continue reading because this listicle will be #RelatableAF for you. 


Sleep. You could read the article ahead or just follow the first word. Either way, it’s proven that you love sleeping. And since you do, you know how precious a gift it is. The most peaceful feeling ever is sleeping. Nothing is more beautiful than the night sleep and the afternoon nap and the evening dose and just 5 minutes more in the morning. 

Here are 12 signs you will relate to if sleeping is the love of your life:

  1. There’s nothing in the world that you hate more than alarms. You absolutely cannot stand the ringing of an alarm. You groan every time an alarm rings, even when it’s not yours. That’s actually more frustrating. And chances are that by now you’ve just adjusted your brain cells to not respond to the alarms. All the more reason for you running late quite a lot of times.

    Picture credit – today.com
  2. When you sleep, you dream about sleeping. When you’re awake, you can’t wait to go back to sleep. It’s basically a vicious cycle.
  3. Nothing feels more relaxing and satisfying than the smell of freshly lain bedsheets and laundered sleepwear. You could just capture that smell and use as a perfume.
  4. Nothing irks you more than the countdown you’ve put on. Like why do you get to sleep for 5 hours 39 minutes? Yes, alarms are the most irritating.

    GIF credit – imgur.com
  5. You know if this was your last day on earth, you would rather spend it sleeping because who knows if there is sleep in life after death? Don’t want to leave this earth with any regrets, do you?

    GIF credit – giphy.com
  6. You don’t want much for your birthday, just a fluffy pillow will do and maybe and soft toy to hug, no? 
  7. Winters are the best. Multiple layers of comforters, a fluffy pillow and longer nights. Just the ideal situation to sleep. 
  8. Noise. Well here is a bifurcation, either everything is noise for you. From the creaking door to the honking car three blocks away. Everything seems to disturb your peaceful sleep. Or nothing ever bothers you. You could sleep even when there are speakers blaring right next to you. Because you know your priorities.

    GIF credit – pinterest.com
  9. You feel the most sympathetic for people suffering from insomnia because you know they are missing out on so much.
  10. You look forward to weekends so you could fill in all the sleep you missed during the weekdays. Yes, it is always about getting enough sleep. And surprisingly, you can never get enough of it.

    Picture credit – healthline.com
  11. The most ideal job for you would be in a mattress company. Quality checking of mattresses where you get to sleep on them and decide if it’s worth the money. And you get paid for just sleeping. 
  12. You love sleeping so much that you probably yawned a time or two while reading this. Sleep has been mentioned 21 times in this article and it worked like a charm. You’re feeling sleepy. Now don’t go counting, I didn’t either. I am sleepy too. 

Now, I’m heading straight to my bed. Would recommend the same to you but before you hit the bed, make sure this writeup reaches your fellows. Happy sleeping you all!

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