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The rising coronavirus cases in India, state-wise tally

India has now hit the 4th position in the list of highly affected countries due to coronavirus and mostly loaded cases.


India began it’s lockdown with practically no number of cases contrasting with the world and got acclaimed by the World and WHO for its administration. The long lockdown of 2.5 months has allegedly enlisted a lot of cases.

The first case of coronavirus in India was prompted a while back on January 30 in Kerala. It took India over 100 days to arrive at the 1 lakh-blemish on May 18. The 2 lakh-mark was penetrated a fortnight later on June 2. The all outnumber of Covid-19 cases in the nation crossed 3 lakh in only 10 days and made India beat others by coming among the main 4 countries facing a situation with the most elevated heap of cases, other than being the greatest focal point of Covid-19 cases in Asia. For as long as 10 days, more than 9,300 cases have been accounted in India consistently.

Total Coronavirus Cases in India (Credit: India Today)

India hit the 3 lakh limit as an enormous number of cases were advanced in Maharashtra and different states. Although the official number stays 2.97 lakh according to the Union Health Ministry information dashboard by yesterday.

India is now the fourth country that is noticeably hit very awfully by the COVID-19 pandemic after the US, Brazil, and Russia. Where the US has detailed over 20 lakh affirmed cases until now, the count for Brazil is more than 8 lakh and for Russia above 5 lakh.

All-inclusive across the world over 4 lakh people have lost their lives and more than 75 lakh have tested positive for Covid-19 since December.

And this pandemic is not sparing anything, neither the lives nor the economy. This coronavirus crisis has squeezed India’s social insurance framework and the economy has been seriously upset. The ‘International Monetary Fund’ has anticipated that India’s GDP development for 2020-21 will tumble to 1.9 percent, while the worldwide economy is relied upon to endure lost $9 trillion.

As of March 10, India had only 50 Covid-19 cases. The ascent of novel coronavirus cases in India can be better comprehended by the way that on March 20, this expanded to 196 cases; by March 25 to 606 cases, and before the month’s over (March 31) India had 1,397 confirmed Covid-19 cases.


Currently, as per the latest data updated by the Union health ministry, as of 8 am on June 13, the number of Covid-19 cases in India was 3,08,993, of which 1,54,330 have recovered and 8,8884 have died so far.

Newly Infected vs. Newly Recovered in India (Credit: Worldometer)

And unfortunately even today, India saw its most noteworthy single-day spike and accounted for 11,458 new cases. Thirty-five of the nation’s 36 states and Union Territories have revealed Covid-19 cases up until this point, with Sikkim being the most recent to report a case.

Although, despite this, the government keeps up that community transmission has yet not occurred in India.

Among various states, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh are the hotspots for Covid-19 cases in India. Maharashtra and Gujarat have additionally announced the most elevated number of Covid-19 passings, representing almost 60 percent of the nation’s Covid-19 cases.

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In Delhi, a record number of 2,137 new cases were identified to take its count to 36,824, while its loss of life rose to 1,214, specialists said.

Maharashtra, the most exceedingly awful hit state, saw its count cross the 1-lakh mark after 3,493 new cases were accounted for to take its aggregate to 1,01,141, while its loss of life rose to 3,717.

The state likewise revealed an enormous number of recuperations. Upwards of 126 malignant growth patients, who had tested Covid-19 positive, have additionally recouped in Mumbai itself.


In Tamil Nadu, another seriously hit express, the count saw a record one-day hop of 1,982 cases to cross the 40,000-mark, while the cost arrived at 367.

Gujarat detailed 495 new cases and 31 additional fatalities, taking its case tally to 22,562 and the loss of life to 1,416.

Uttar Pradesh announced 20 more Covid-19 passings and 528 new cases, the greatest single-day spike so far for the state. This took the state’s loss of life to 365 and the case checks to 12,616. Be that as it may, more than 7,600 individuals have recuperated effectively, giving a recuperation pace of more than 60 percent.

Is it not wrecking for a creating Nation where its kin frightening began biting the dust, monetary is biting the dust and there are such huge numbers of families living with practically no food. Migrants experienced strolling on the street to arrive at their home 500-600 or significantly more kilometers.

The size of this coronavirus crisis is with the end goal that a nation possessed by almost 1.3 billion individuals has been under lockdown since March 25. This is by a long shot the greatest lockdown on the planet.

Whom to blame starting at low and now India is evaluating high numbers daily. The lockdown that was claiming success as seen by the world now being known as disappointment and failure.


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