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Things we have said the most during this lockdown


The lockdown situation is taking a toll on all of us. Its been almost 60 days and we forgot how roads, shops, crowds, and restaurants look like. This has bought the unstoppable life to a massive halt, undeniably it was a relief initially, but now everyone wants to go back to the free sky and roam. Or if I put it in Bollywood style Main Uddna Chahta hun, bhaagna Chahta hun or rukna nhi chahta. But all we are saying is ye Saala lockdown khatam kyun nhi hota be 🙁 


So here are some Lockdown tasks which we all can relate to: 

  • Work from home calls:
    Many people are on Work from home. Most of them have the realization that the work seems less difficult than those conference calls where all we say is, “hello. Am I audible? Aawaz aa rhi hai? Samajh aaya? Ab sunai de rha hai? “
  • The Ludo Craze:
    The lockdown brought back childhood memories. Most of us are playing ludo these days. People are not just playing but calling their friends and asking them to especially come online just to play Ludo.  WOW.  Ludo King, developed by gametion technologies has ranked gaming app on both android and iOS. Do you also have an attachment to Ludo?
  • Upside down schedule:
    Lockdown not just messed up with the daily but sleeping schedule as well. While children are awakening all night and sleeping all day, parents have included the habit of scolding the younger ones for the same reason for the time they are awake. 
  • Guessing when the lockdown will end
    Haven’t all have talked and discussed when the lockdown will end. Haven’t we said, “I am telling you this will go up to June, you will see.
  • The food challenges:
    Social Media is loaded with new food challenges every day. Dalgona coffee, Homemade momos. Pani Puri and the list is never-ending. While some people are posting pictures of these mouth-watering foods, others are thinking Where are they getting all the ingredients from? 
  • Living a life without dates and days:
    This is the time when it is difficult to even remember which day and date it is. Every day is just repetitive and now the time, date, day, season nobody is sure about and nobody cares anymore.
  • I am not sure whether we will meet or not:
    it is not the time when we can’t avoid the reality which is definitely scary.  One thing we all have said even though we wanted to say it or not is I hope we will see each other soon. “I really want to see you. I hope we will see each other soon” and praying silently in our hearts to get it over soon. 



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