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Trump Supporters Continue Protest Claiming Election Win; Clashes Break-Out

The protest claiming elections had been stolen from Donald Trump using slogans and placards, soon went out to be violent shouting threats, hitting punches and throwing bottles.


Many people went on protesting and celebrating a self-proclaimed win in the election. Supporting President Donald Trump, supporters were seen waving MAGA (Make America Great Again) flags and shouting “God bless the USA” slogans – which were particularly slogans of Trump’s election campaign. Protesters came together in Washington for claiming the false victory of their political hero soon enjoyed a personal visit from the man they adore when Trump passed away in his motorcade waving to the crowd and smiling.

Image: National Herald

Soon after that, people who opposed the thought of coming back of Trump in power showed up and the situation became intense between the two groups of protesters. Near to 300, counter-protesters started portraying the truth of “Trump is Over” and “Trump Lost” verbally to the current President’s admirers.

In the mid of the day, there was a representation of two diverse versions of America, each of them denying what the counterpart is considering.

There was no quarrel for a long time during the following protests, a brief but intense exchange of verbal and physical violence happened throughout. Protesters trying to hit others with punches and throwing bottles. The quarrel led to bloodshed on both parts, and at least 10 were arrested, including four whose allegiances remain unknown on gun charges.

As the dusk fell, the counter-protesters went to create more disturbance harassing Trump’s advocates, trying to snatch red hats & flags and torching them to fire. The situation went and became worse late at night as these people overturned the tables of a vendor who was selling pro-Trump gears and set them on fire, encouraging police to pepper-spray them.

Image: SkyNews


At 8 PM, violence kept on spreading around the city and police indulged in clearing the streets and intersection. A man in his 20s was reported to be back-stabbed and had serious injuries after which he was taken to hospitals by District fire department.

Earlier, demonstrations in support for Trump was urged by him as he denied to accept the loss against Joe Biden in the presidential election. On Saturday, while the Trump devotees stood to fight for him, he went on to play golf.


Another conflict burst out when counter-protesters showed up with a poster reading “Refuse Fascism” at Freedom Plaza, they were shortly surrounded by Trump fans chanting “USA!  USA!” into their face.

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Amid recording 750,000 COVID-19 positive cases in America, there was no concern for the same from any of the Trump devotees as they wore no masks at all. Among his supporters were white nationalists, conspiracy theorists and far-right groups demanding to “Count the legal votes”.

trump supporters
Image: SkyNews

The clashes happened throughout the National Capital with verbal and violent exchanges from both sides. Placards and slogans were launched from both sides including slogans of     ” Black Lives Matter” which was responded with “All Lives Matter”. Police had a tough day at work as pelting of rocks started in the quarrel between the supporters of both sides. Arrests and detention were made to put thee situations in control.

People suggested that the following disturbances are the result of misinformation and lie being put out by the current President Donald Trump who has lacked ethics and decency during the whole election process.

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  1. […] Trump Supporters Continue Protest Claiming Election Win; Clashes Break-Out […]

  2. […] Trump Supporters Continue Protest Claiming Election Win; Clashes Break-Out […]

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