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UP medical college prof Arti Lalchandani’s Anti-Muslim sentiments goes viral


Kanpur: On Sunday, A sensational video of the Principal of Kanpur’s well known G.S.V.M. college, Dr. Arti Dev Lalchandani recorded in the style of an expose went viral. 

The five-minute video clip that is currently going viral on the internet features Dr. Lalchandani expressing her frustration on the medical treatment of Tablighi Jamaat members. The video that appears to have been shot secretly from a hidden camera placed on the table by a brave reporter from a local news channel, shows Dr. Lalchandani in a chatty mode, accusing UP chief minister, Yogi Adityanath of being soft and indulging in “appeasement” of Muslims during a volatile conversation. “I hope you all are not recording this,” she asks the men sitting in her office, “no, no,” they answer in conformity. No one reacts to her ‘appeasement’ allegation on the Chief Minister.

The bigoted lady did not even bother to mince her words in the loudest anti-Muslim anger. She reminds her audience that Muslims are, “terrorists and we are giving them VIP treatment, giving them food and drink, finishing our food, exhausting our resources, making our doctors sick for them, paying over a lakh for hotel bills, doctors are going in quarantine. Earlier, we had one corona positive patient only, a very decent NRI, who left when cured.

She did not just stop here. She continues, “they should be beaten with sticks, and put in jail,” she suggests ‘solitary confinement’ was the best for TJ members, or they should be abandoned in a jungle and kept in dungeons, more than anything that [PPE] kits are being wasted. We have used 100 [PPE] kits. We get them at subsidized rates of 500-700 rupees, but each kit costs the government 2,500. Just think, 100 kits daily for them. If they [Tablighis/Muslims] were not there we would not need any kits. They egg her on to talk more. She remained silent when someone suggested that Tablighi Jamaat members should be given lethal injection ‘one by one.’

 She sounds upset and frustrated at being ignored by the administration, “They suppressed me and asked me how can I say such things. Even now I cannot say this openly, you can say it, you are the media, you can get someone to say this is appeasement at the cost of state money. The GDP of India will contract and there will be an economic emergency, and the reason for this will be these 30 crores (Muslims) not the 100 crores (Hindus),” she says. She wants the UP government to pay heed, “Yogi Ji should order that no state resources will be used for Jamaatis, I would chase them away in two minutes.” 

She obviously knew she was talking to ‘trusted’ journalists, and hoped the rabid conversation was private and confidential, “Don’t leak this, I am thinking of talking to the health minister, Dr. Harshvardhan”. She was confident of her access to the union health minister as both of them are alumni of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Medical College, where she is now posted as principal.

The college she studied at, and now is the principal of, is listed as a Government-run medical college in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Founded in 1956, the college is named after Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, who was a renowned secular, journalist, freedom fighter, and martyr but Dr. Lalchandani has spoiled the fair name of this institution by her rabid communal utterances. 


In the video clip, Dr. Lalchandani seemed confident when sharing her ideology, and knows her words reach those who matter in the Uttar Pradesh government. She probably is also confident that the Uttar Pradesh government will not take any action against her. What else can explain the fact that Dr. Arti Lalchandani, the principal and dean of Kanpur’s Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Medical College, continues to hold her powerful position, even though she has been called out more than once for her anti-Muslim rants during Covid-19 pandemic.

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She is the same woman who also earlier talked about such unsavory things on some news channels and made sensational but unsubstantiated allegations against Tablighi Jamaat patients that they were misbehaving with female nurses and doctors and demanding biryani and other things which were found utterly false. In April, her hospital administration had gone on record to allege misbehavior by members of Tablighi Jamaat that prompted some national TV channels to devote hours of broadcast in maligning the Muslim community. The discovery of this two-month-old video has conclusively proved that that Lalchandani was lying through her teeth then.

“Statements such as her’s have enjoyed direct patronage of the RSS and its frontal organizations and have been deliberately made from time to time to distract attention from the utter failure of the government in tackling with the spread of the disease and the immense human misery in its wake,” alleged Dr. Bajpai speaking to Muslim Mirror.

He further stated that the doctor has violated CCS Conduct Rules, 1964, and the Code of Medical Ethics Regulation, 2002.

The video has been placed before the authorities for investigation:


Hours after her image was ripped to shreds on social media, the doctor is said to have clarified saying it was not her who made the remarks, claiming the footage is fake and she was morphed into the video, according to the print. However, she later accepted that it was her and released another video apologizing for her remarks.

The doctor, in her defence, said she made the remarks out of sheer frustration. The doctor’s words have gotten her into hot water, with many calling for her removal from her post as principal of a government-run medical college.


Prof. Arati Lal Chandani, according to information available online, “did her MBBS in 1978 and MD (Medicine) in 1983 from G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur. She did her super speciality in DM Cardiology from world-renowned LPS Institute of Cardiology, Kanpur. She joined as a lecturer in her own alma mater and got promoted as Director & Head at KPS Institute of Medicine at G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur.”

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