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UP to re-live vintage era; Kanpur Municipal Corporation plans to Lift Garbage from Bullock-Carts

In view of the rising prices of diesel, the Kanpur Municipal Corporation is preparing to collect garbage from the bullock-cart instead of the Garbage trucks.


Not only ordinary citizens, but the government departments of UP are also feeling the heat of rising prices of petrol and diesel. Due to the rising outbreak of Coronavirus, the lockdown has also reduced the income of the government. At least this what all state governments are claiming. Meanwhile, the increased price of diesel brings the idea of “Old India” in Uttar Pradesh. Sounds strange right? But what if we tell you that Kanpur Municipal Corporation is preparing to collect garbage from bullock-cart instead of the garbage van. Yes, you read it right. After seeing the rising prices of diesel, Kanpur Municipal corporation came up with such an innovative idea. Even they started making bullock carts for the first phase trial. When Modi government talked about the super nation- India, we didn’t know he was talking about bullock-carts.

Credit: Dainik Jagran

Presently, Kanpur Municipal Corporation picks up the garbage of the city through 72 vehicles and 5,608 sanitation workers. It costs more than one crore diesel in a year. In view of this, garbage will be picked up in the city by the bullock cart. The bulls of the cowshed will be planted in a bullock cart. Preparation has been made to lift the garbage in the city as an experiment by first building a bullock cart. Veterinary Officer Dr. A.K. Singh has been ordered to prepare bullock carts from the bulls of Kanha Goshala Jajmau. After this, the Municipal Corporation has started preparing to build a bullock cart through the workshop. Municipal officials want to see how much money is saved in lifting garbage from bullock carts. If this plan is successful, then it will be implemented in other areas as well. The advantage of this is that the animals kept in the cowshed will be able to be commercially used and a part of the savings will be spent on resource development in the cowshed. It exactly sounds like (free mei hum koi kaam nahi karate).

If they are using their brain so much then the government should also think about whether it will be able to keep up with the time? Also, it is now the Corona period a worst-ever pandemic, earlier workers had to get out of the car for a short time to do the same work. At the same time, since bullock carts will do this work, the person driving it will be out for a long time. From the top, in this era of Corona, where the monsoon season has also come, the question arises whether this scheme will be effective? Because it will not be right to take more risks in a round of reducing the consumption of diesel.

let’s assume it is about the job creation, if the bullock cart driver gets the job, then the worker of those driving the garbage truck will lose their job! However, municipal officials want to see how much money will be saved from this. After all its all about the money. So let’s wait for another innovative (pathetic) idea to come from the UP government side.



Input from Aajtak https://aajtak.intoday.in/story/yogi-government-will-pickup-waste-by-bullock-cart-1-1206968.html

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