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Vijay Mallya’s extradition delayed due to pending legal issues


Owing to pending legal issues, the Indian fugitive Vijay Mallya will not be extradited soon, says the UK government on June 4th.  The details of the issue have been kept confidential but promises have been made to speed up the process.

UK’s law dictates that the extradition cannot take place unless the issue is resolved. The country’s law also includes the ‘Extradition Act’ which has been a cause of worry for the Indian organisations. According to the Act, an individual needs to be extradited within 28 days of an order by the Supreme Court or High Court.

Here is why the news of delay should be concerning to us-

The loophole through this Act is to file an Asylum Claim which allows the individual to refuge in the UK and the extradition, not possible until the claim is settled.  There is no clear indication that he has made the claim yet. The uncertainty of the identity of the present legal issue makes you wonder if it is being kept unanimous for a reason and if he did file for an Asylum Claim that is being addressed currently.


Vijay Mallya fled India after being accused in several cases most notably money laundering and generation of proceeds directly or indirectly through criminal activities (PoCs).  His outright disregard for the Indian government’s rules and regulations has led to the creation of his fame as the mastermind of this conspiracy. This has been further established by his recent tweet where Mallya congratulated the Indian government on the COVID-19 relief package and in the same breath mockingly offered to pay back the principal amount to Indian Banks and questioned if the government should continue ignoring his offer for financial aid.  “Please take my money unconditionally and close”, with this he finished his statement. It is estimated that Mallya’s looking to serve at least seven years of prison sentence once he returns and if he is proven guilty.



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