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What Is Gestational Surrogacy?


Unfortunately, in rare cases, women can’t give birth to a baby on their own. Theoretically, fertilization could take place because ovaries function as they must but a woman can’t carry a child. Before the invention of effective reproductive technologies, it meant that a woman would never be able to become a mom. Nowadays, every woman who can’t carry a baby on her own can use surrogacy solutions. Thanks to surrogate motherhood, couples can become happy parents. For this, it is necessary to choose the best-qualified specialists who can choose the fertility program that will fit you personally.

Medical experts from the surrogacy agency World center of Baby use advanced IVF technologies. All of the doctors in this clinic discuss IVF issues at the medical forum regularly. They have a large experience in providing gestational surrogacy services to women who can’t carry a child due to certain health problems.

Gestational Surrogacy: How Does It Work?

Not everyone has a clear understanding of what gestational surrogacy is. A woman can be recommended to try gestational surrogacy when she has various diseases that may prevent her from a safe pregnancy. Some couples think that the woman carrying a baby will be the biological mother. It doesn’t work like this. Gestational surrogacy is the type of surrogacy when the genetic material taken from the intended parents is transferred to the woman who will play the role of a carrier. This means that a healthy woman who can meet all of your requirements will take responsibility for the baby’s development until his/her birth. At the same time, she won’t have any legal rights to the baby.

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A surrogacy agency World center of the baby has helped hundreds of couples to choose a surrogate mother. There are certain criteria that a future baby carrier should meet. All the women who want to become surrogate mothers should pass medical tests to exclude the presence of different health problems. Surrogacy is hard work, for which a woman gets a good compensation that makes the major part of the surrogacy cost. However, you can find a surrogate mother on your own. Some couples want some of their close relatives to become a surrogate for their baby. In this case, the price can be cheaper. Take into account that a surrogate shouldn’t have any bad habits.

How to Make the First Step to Gestational Surrogacy?

Most couples have no idea how to get started. Of course, the whole process isn’t as easy as ABC. But you shouldn’t be afraid to start. First, you need to contact the World center of baby for the consultation. Just fill out an application form, tell your story, and specialists will offer the program that will be perfect for you individually.

The surrogacy agency helps every family who wants to have a child. Gay couples can also use surrogacy services in the World center clinic. The agency will take care of the legal side of the surrogacy process and make everything according to the law. The chosen surrogate mother will sign documents that prove that she is the baby carrier only. All stages of the surrogacy process are controlled by experienced specialists. So, don’t hesitate to get started. The good news is that the World center of baby makes it possible to make a payment in installments. This means that every couple can enjoy parenthood.


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