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World Gratitude Day: Blessings to our real heroes during the pandemic

Expressing gratitude to our real heroes who have been constantly risking their lives during the pandemic.


World Gratitude Day, celebrated on 21st September, brings the entire globe together in a day of thankfulness.

It is the perfect opportunity to remind us to step back and think about what we are thankful for. Gratitude is something that inspires and fills the mind with meaning. When we are thankful for something, we tend to love our life and stick around long enough to enjoy it.

During this coronavirus pandemic where people are stressing over the death toll and the miseries, let’s take a moment to spread some positivity and thank our heroes who, despite of all the risks associated with it, have blessed us in every way possible thus keeping us free of the disease. Here we count our blessings:-

1) Health Workers


From the very start, they have been constantly working to treat the infected, not only saving our lives but putting their own at risk as well.
Moreover, many doctors, nurses and staff in India are underpaid but they still stick to their duty which signifies their determination and dedication to fight the pandemic.

Image credits: Kali9/Getty images

2) Teachers

The education sector is one of the worst affected throughout the pandemic. Teachers haven’t left any stone unturned in imparting quality education through online classes. It is a very huge success that they have adopted the new methods in spite of all the harassment and trolling by the students. They have the courage to step forward as new technological teachers.

Urban parents, teachers prefer online classes: Survey | Deccan Herald
Image credits: blog.wiziq.com

3) Pharmacists


It is pretty evident that, an infected person, after taking prescription from a doctor, heads towards a chemist shop to buy the medicine. Remember when the lockdown first started, and everyone rushed towards the medical stores to buy the sanitizers and soaps and other medical aid? They have been a boon to us and deserve our gratitude for working amid all the fear.

As Coronavirus Cases Surge Across Russia, Putin Retreats | Freedom House
Credit: Freedom House

4) Police Officers

During the lockdown, they have been constantly working day and night to ensure that the citizens don’t crowd themselves at any point in order to forbid the transmission. They were even criticised by some unaware people but they still continue to do their duty which is amazing.

Coronavirus lockdown: Thank you Mumbai Police for keeping the city safe -  news
Image credits: m.hindustantimes.com

5) Sanitation workers


Being exposed to virus, from collection of waste to its disposal, they have been cleaning the spots of the virus from surfaces which otherwise might have been transmitted.

Let's talk about garbage in Covid battle and clap for India's sanitation  workers
Image credits: theprint.com

6) Journalists

From travelling to different areas to reporting news, they went over and above to meet their duties and telling us some real stories amid the pandemic.

15 journalists report COVID-19 cases in Karnataka number of cases rose to  489
Image credits: thefedral.com

7) Public transport drivers


The drivers and operators have been transporting people to various places and thus risking their lives.

Link missing to start economic activities from April 20 despite green  signal from government- The New Indian Express
Credit: New Indian Express

8) Airline workers

They have been facilitating the transport of people from far away places thus being exposed to a greater risk of transmission.

Coronavirus outbreak: India cancels all flight services to Iran- The New  Indian Express
Image credits: cnbc.com

9) Civil servants


They are ensuring proper legislation, administration and implementation during such adverse conditions.

Zomato, Swiggy start alcohol delivery; here are the details | Technology  News,The Indian Express
Image credits: m.economictimes.com

10) Delivery Agents

While we are enjoying in our homes, the delivery agents are the ones who are travelling places to transport food and medicines to us while adopting strict social distancing norms.

Zomato, Swiggy start alcohol delivery; here are the details | Technology  News,The Indian Express
Image credits: m.economictimes.com

Enjoy the little things because one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things. Every gesture counts. Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.


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