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Your Life Is Your Own


Our universe is huge and chaotic, and mostly empty, and cold, and most of it is trying to kill us, but god damn it if it’s not beautiful.

Life is just like that. Things happen without there being much sense to any of it. Sometimes the things that happen are ironic or funny even, and we can get a good laugh out of it. I think one should be able to laugh at your own life. What else is there to do? Life is fleeting, we should enjoy it, the good, the bad, and the ugly, we should strive to get the most out of life, to live a rich life, with many different experiences. Because in the grand scheme of things, our lives are incredibly short. If the universe has been around for a year, earth has existed for about 4 months and one human’s lifetime would be much less than a second.

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We get caught up in this thinking that we have to be profitable by the age of 30 and live in a big house and have the ideal family. We ought to begin our retirement fund by age 25. We compare ourselves to these humans that are regarded “successful” by using society and we fantasize about being like them so much that we overlook the fact that we are dwelling a life too.
Maybe you don’t have the penthouse and you’re 30. Maybe you don’t even have a serious relationship by now. Maybe you are nevertheless in university or still struggling in your career. But that should not mean that you are not successful or that you’re not living your life well. Your life is your own. We all create our very own paths in life and we stroll them at our very own pace. It is good enough if it takes a bit longer than others. Through the twists and turns, and the ups and downs we shall walk our paths.

Life is not easy. But damn it, it is beautiful. I refuse to evaluate my lifestyles to anyone else’s. We are all distinctive people. We want distinctive things. Some get them sooner than others. Some take greater time to discover what it is that they really want. And that is okay because there is no one chasing you.


Society keeps saying that we don’t have time however that’s not true. Neil Armstrong said, “We have all the time in the world” and it’s true. So if you want to take a semester off, a year off, go on a trip, drop the whole thing and simply go away from the place you are now then simply do it. Follow your coronary heart at any cost. Situations are never permanent. And you have the energy to trade them if that’s what you surely want. In the end, it is the things we didn’t do that we regret, not the things we did. So don’t waste time. If you don’t like your job and you hate your existence and the place you are now, quit and do what you sincerely want. Is it scary? Hell yeah! But is there something in life that is no longer scary? Hell no! But horrifying is good. If something scares the crap out of you then you are doing something right. It is the ability you are getting out of your remedy zone, taking a chance, and chasing life! Not dreams but life!!!
You only get one life, so don’t squander it on being “responsible”. What even is responsible? Having a 9 to 5 job? A notable house you received with a 30 yr mortgage? No. Society will have you trust that, that is the “right” way to live life. Well, guess what? It is not. The “right” way to live life is what makes you experience good. It is what feels right to you. Whatever that is. My point here is…your life is your own. It is not your mother’s or your father’s. It is not others’. It is your own! So spend it the only way it feels right to you. The solely way which makes you happy. Because that’s the only way really worth living.


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