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10 Things Only Brown Parents Can Say and Do

All of us know our Asian Brown parents and their annoying cute activities. Maybe that's the reason Brown parents nail it every time.


Brown parents are the one’s who will raise you slightly differently by ranting, taunting and loving you unconditionally. There is certainly no denying a fact that “unke zamane mein……. 😛” things were a lot tougher but they’ll make you realize that every single day if they find you lazing around in the house. No matter even if it’s a Sunday. And now all of us are quarantined and we have been hearing this for a quite a good four months now.

With that being said we bring you 10 most “EVERGREEN ACTIVITIES” solely performed by our Brown Desi parents.

They’ll Switch Off Your Fan Or AC In The Morning And Open All The Windows:

Desi parents tend to think that if their child is prolonged exposed to these two kinds of stuff and no natural sunlight and air, will fall ill no matter even if the weather is extreme outside.Epic Mom Dialogues That We Grew Up Listening To | POPxo


The Centre Of All the Problems In This World Is Your Damn SmartPhone:

Desi parents use their extreme logic to curse your smartphone with internet services in it. Even if there is global warming or a strike in your state, the blame will entirely go on your smartphone.Desi Moms Or Hamara Bechara Mobile Phone - Wow REads


Vacuuming Starts From Where You Are Sitting Or Standing:

This is a serious matter and every desi child should sign a petition for this. Have you ever noticed a fact that Brown parents will start cleaning the entire house from a place where they find you couched? This is our mom’s favourite all-time activity.


Sentence Often Starts with “Humare Zamane Mein”:

Brown parents are the cutest of all to live in their own time. Often through their talks, if they find you ranting over something, they take you on their old-gold era where hardships knew no shortcuts.


Mom’s Favourite Dialogue Is “When I get old none’s gonna clean my house.”:

Mom’s are truly a blessing. With loving us unconditionally to scolding us for trivial things one thing that remains constant is her obsession to clean the house. We often find our Brown moms with “Safai ka Keeda” in them with this one particular dialogue that remains evergreen. No matter whatever their mood is, we often find them with some sort of cleaner in hand and now when it’s Coronavirus, I feel you guys.


Believing In WhatsApp Forwarded Messages And Forwarding It To All their Contacts:

Nowadays social media has become a new normal for our Brown parents. The messages seem so credible that our Desi parents doesn’t at all think to even fact check it once before forwarding it to you and others. If you find your mom making weird drinks the other day in the name of immunity against Coronavirus, I don’t need to exaggerate cause, you already got me!hilariousjokes hashtag on Twitter


Declining Help When Offered And Afterwards Rant On The Same:

Our Brown parents are so cute that they think that in the 21st century where the Internet is the mode of communication and emojis are the way to express your intentions and moods, their children will know how to read their minds. Brown parents will often deny the help you offer them to ease their work saying, you will spoil it and that they can manage by their own but on the same day taunt you to an extend and make you feel guilty of not helping them.Desi Mom Dialogs


Asking You Plethora Of Questions Before You Go Out:

Brown parents, I guess are inborn with this talent. They will shoot you with n number of questions before you go outside the house just to make themselves assured that you are safe. No matter even if you are an adult now.20 Common Questions Pakistani Parents Asked When You Go Outside ...


Will Start To Speak Only When You Have Your Headphones ON:

In the entire 24 hours, they’ll not speak anything but as soon as you have your headphone on, they will narrate you a very important incident of a day.Mom Yelling at Me for Putting on Headphones the Whole Day Me With ... Taking Pride In Themselves:

Desi Moms will always tell you that when she was of your age she was raising you with love, care and also used to make round chapatis with perfection. This is a clear indication that she wants you to get married.20 funny tweets on Indian parents that every desi kid would relate ...


Desi Dads will always narrate stories, of how he walked some 10 kilometres daily to his school and used to be a position holder. This indicates that he has already facilitated you with enough gadgets and that you aren’t getting anything extra this year at least.

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