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10 Weird Prohibitions Across the Globe

Countries are ruled and so are people. Choices become a secondary thing when government decides something. And so it goes with the legal prohibitions which even the locals don't understand.


Every part in this world has its own unparalleled version. Certain countries excel in making unique laws and customs, while certain believe in preserving them. Nonetheless, world is a bizarre and weird place.

Moreover, some countries have an extraordinary penchant to bind the citizens within a limit of their choice. That makes them forbid some things which they may see as uncustomary. So, from rules to conventions, and habits to traditions, there are some things which nobody is entitled to perform, not even by choice. Believable? No? Okay.

Lets get straight to the article to get astonished at 10 simplest of actions and stuffs to be legally banned around the world.

  1. Milan government compels you to smile all the time.

    Pic Credit: abstract.desktopnexus

This one has got to be downright bizarre. Milan seems to have some issues with the long face. It is a legal requirement to smile at all times in Milan, Italy. This law, prescribed by a city regulation was never repealed. You are exempted from smiling only in a funeral or at hospitals. So, you better not be glum in Milan or else face the alternative –  a heavy fine. I bet this came as a shock to you.

  1. Eating on the steps of monuments/churches in Rome is seriously frowned upon.

    Pic Credit: findingtheuniverse

It is a highly remarked statement- when in Rome, do as Romans do; especially when you are at a historical site and wish to fulfill your appetite. You must not stop at any step of a church or a monument to enjoy your snacks. Eating anything is not a problem in Rome provided you keep walking. Fines for this misdemeanor are between 25 and 500 Euros. Apart from preventing the littering, the law was laid down to keep pests and birds from feasting on scraps. Seems a legit one! Not in the legal sense though. 😉

  1. Never think of eating a chewing gum in Singapore.

    Pic Credit: Triphobo

Must have been beaten by your moms for chewing gums in your childhood? Well, Singapore government seems to have taken up this duty from our mothers. Since 1992, Singapore has made chewing gum against the law. However, beatings do not suffice for its punishment; the penalty might face you fines up to $100,000 and prison sentence. This enforcement is reported to have been laid down for medical reasons. So, in Singapore you better not search for a Center Fresh to refresh yourself.

  1. Do not buy your baby a stroller in Canada, if you don’t want a legal risk.

    Pic Credit: childprotectionnetwork

Stroller is seemed to be a common gift for a baby. But in Canada, you will wish to find another option than a baby walker. There is a statute law since 2004 restricting the use of baby walkers because strollers or baby walkers are deemed unsafe for a child. The persons going against the law could be charged with heavy penalty amounting to 100,000 dollars. You better find another option while parenting in Canada.

  1. Try not to skip the straight line while standing in Japan.

    Pic Credit: Depositphotos

Not exactly a concern for the statutory warnings, but Japan’s love of line-forming begins as soon as children learn how to stand. Japan is one country which is known for its etiquettal procedures. One such includes forming single-file lines anywhere you have to wait for, including bus stops, train platforms, street food vendors etc. And this habit is so customarily accustomed that this has become a part of their national culture. So, all these stereotypes about Japan being highly organized and ordered hold true.

  1. Celebrating Valentine’s day in Pakistan is not tolerated.

    Pic Credit:

You better display your affection for your partner on Valentine’s day where it could not be seen by the Pakistani authorities. Otherwise it could cause you a huge legal problem. The High Court enforced a legal proclamation against Valentine’s day celebration in 2018 including a ban on its promotion on social media. This was done to urge the people to maintain Pakistan’s religious and national identity. Saudi Arabia and Indonesia also have similar laws against Valentine’s day celebration.

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  1. Kinder surprises are highly restricted in USA.

    Pic Credit: Fabosa

USA is a nation with laws and regulations and obviously some of these are completely wacky. One such weirdest prohibitions since 1930s states that any candy with inedible components inside it are not be legally tolerated. It was done on a presupposition that an eatable with small toys with them might invite a choking hazard. So, there are many kids in USA who wouldn’t smile when Kinder Surprise eggs are mentioned to them. As a happy news though, Kinder, specifically for the US market, has come up with an item of similar kind in 2012 called Kinder Joy where toy and chocolate are sealed separately within the egg.

  1. India disallows foreign invitees to parties.

    Pic Credit: TourMyIndia

You read that right. A country with an exclusive idea of Incredible India program prohibits you to call foreign invitees to your partying sites. Even if, by chance, the authorities grant you the permission, the officials will be ordered to record the entire event in cameras. The reason for this bizarre restriction was imputed to an aggrandizement in the crime against foreigners. Well, officials might have tried educating or punishing the offenders than stopping foreign nationals from enjoying the parties. But yeah, Incredible India!

  1. In Samoa, you get punished for forgetting your wife’s birthday.

    Pic Credit: loyalzoo

It sounds like a happy news for all the wives of Samoa. It is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday in Samoa which is an independent state in the Pacific islands. If a husband still forgets, the law will make him face a high fiscal penalty where the money would go directly into the wife’s hand. Looks like husbands in Samoa would not wish to give their wives a chance to complaint.

  1. Condoms, in no way, make a respectable option in North Korea.

    Pic Credit: Ubitto

When talking about strange laws, North Korea deserves a special mention from laid down hairstyles to clothing styles. However, this law might sound the strangest. Where, condoms are promoted in several countries, North Korea might run you into a high risk of penalty and prison if you use one there. In fact any of the contraceptive methods are prohibited in this country. Why? Because leader Kim Jong-un encourages a higher birth rate in North Korea. And who dares to take on Kim over the policy? No one. So, do not get surprised if most North Koreans do not even know that condoms exist.

So, these were some wackiest proscriptions laid down in writing around the globe. I hope you enjoyed knowing about them. Keep checking our entertainment section for more such exciting thread of news.


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