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5 things that will change our lifestyle post lockdown.


You might go out one day, although not soon when there will be no coronavirus, no masks and no lockdown. You might expect things to be the same. The similar diurnal hustle-bustle of the city as people run to their errands with restaurants and cafes reverberating with the whispers and giggles of the people.

But in reality, things may be different. We might never be able to go back to the same us ever again. Things may change for bad or for good, but inevitably things will change.

What are the changes that are bound to occur after lockdown?

  • The changes in our mental health.

You are lying if you say you didn’t once even for an ounce love the lockdown. It gave us a sense of respite from the daily time-bound routine. At some point, some of us were worried about the hampered examinations and career, most of us relished the times we spent with our family (or with Netflix).


Going back to the same schedule, a sneeze or cough may alarm us and fever may accompany with thunder and lightning as seen as a sign of disaster in almost all the series we binge-watched.

For some, back-to-school anxiety is a nightmare and after a lengthy extension, it becomes a massive problem.

Right now, we are in the process of gathering the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and we’ll end up sticking them all wrong for some time and the pieces will fit concurrently until nature decides to shake the puzzle altogether once again.

  • The downfall in the budget.

After the lockdown, the economic situation of the world doesn’t look good. The global recession with the effect on the major economies of the world like the USA, China, Japan, the United Kingdom and India being one of them, the prices of the commodities will soar.


What we broke people tried fitting in our budget may become even lower in lockdown.

How heartbreaking would it be for the bookworms to not have any 50℅ off sale? Did any of us ever buy a book on MRP? NOPE.

  • The habit of Social Distancing.

Are we planning to fasten Eleven’s power in us to keep everyone away after the virus ends?

(GIF: Stranger Things, Netflix)

We have spent almost three months listening to social distancing. When we pick up the phone, the lady starts blabbering, when we open the television the ringmasters commence the daily toll and when we open our phones it starts counting the day 51 of Lockdown.

(Picture Credit: Al Jazeera)

Wherever we go, the word social distancing doesn’t leave us. It will not be startling if we push someone when they try shaking hands or give us a casual hug. A sneeze, cough or straightaway fear means keep out of the reach of any organ of ours, please.

  • How Schools will be affected.

It should actually be how students will be affected. Once with the reopening of educational institutions are we even geared to complete the heaps and piles of work waiting for us?

“Syllabus khatam karna hai” ( We have to finish the syllabus) the motto of every school and teacher. It doesn’t matter if what they teach never crossed our brain but syllabus to khatam karna hai.


However, some children will be affected due to the sudden change in routine. In China, post lockdown suicide rates among students surged with the onset of the new session. Online examination is way out of the question when so many students don’t have access to internet facilities.

  • No foreigners, please!

There was a time before lockdown when people were crazy about touring foreign countries, studying there or trying to locate a job. Now, time has changed. A person coming from foreign is seen as the carrier of coronavirus. Earlier people used to brag about visiting abroad, now they hide their visas and passports! Attending marriages, parties and festivals will feel like you are violating a rule. A big wedding with a variety of food items and massive gathering with rich and luxuries adornments was deemed as the best and classy functions. Now, a gathering of 45-50 people seems like a death threat and hence small weddings are what regarded as safe and protected post lockdown.

Image credits- Aljazeera.



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