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5 underrated movies that you should definitely watch!

What makes a movie underrated? Is it when the movie is critically acclaimed but doesn't earn the limelight it deserves?


We have a trend of watching movies with the protagonist being the famous personalities notwithstanding the fact that the films always use “transformation of plots into ten thousand different ways” or the movie being made on a high budget directed by professionals having the same banal endings.

What makes a movie underrated? Is it when the movie is critically acclaimed but doesn’t earn the limelight it deserves? Or it lacks the top-notch actors? Or when the plot really gives a message which we do not expect from our normal movies?

Underrated movies may not make much noise or lag at the box office, but they are still worth giving a chance and are most of the time masterpiece lost in the sea of ordinary.

Here are the 5 underrated movies that you should watch during Quarantine days!

  • Section 375 

Section 375 is the story of a backward class costume assistant Anjali (Meera Chopra) in the film of the director Rohan Khurana (Rahul Bhat) who inculpates him of raping her in his house. The whole of the movie encircles around the incident that transpired in his house. Akshaye Khanna played the role of Tarun Saluja the riveting and determined Defence Lawyer while Richa Chadda being a fervent prosecutor focusing for a big case to have a chance of promotion. The film contrive questions surrounding the false accusations of rape with emotional manipulation playing a major role in the court as well as outside and what amendments are needed to be made in the law. An audacious courtroom film with stellar performances, Section 375 will keep you intrigued till the end.

  • Hamid

Based on the Amin Bhat’s play Phone No 786, Hamid follows the story of a little boy and her mother whose father goes missing. Waiting for his missing father, the Kashmiri boy dials God’s number which he believes to be 786. One day the call is picked up by an army officer who himself misses his eight-month-old daughter and finds comfort by his innocent talks. Thus begins the heartwarming telephonic tale of the two. Hamid reverberates about the heart-aching stories of loss, love, and longing in the valley of Kashmir.

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  • Aakhon Dekhi

The norms of society rule our actions and beliefs. Day in and day out we try hard to fit in. It is easier for us to follow the herd of the majority than to be the one standing out. In order to bolster this pretence, we lose out on discovering who we really are. The film’s protagonist Bauji (Sanjay Mishra) faces this dilemma. Confined by the burden of duties and responsibilities forever, an incident in his daughter’s life directs him to a path of self-discovery and forces him to only believe in what he sees. But can he carry these visions without being entitled as “crazy” or “insane”?The film is thought-provoking, surrounding the shackles we fasten in our minds to follow the standard behaviour comprising of what is right and what is wrong with the intricacies of a joint family having been explored beautifully.

  • Kamyaab

( Sanjay Mishra) is an erstwhile actor who has been a part of 499 films. However, an unsuccessful video interview with the media stirs up old memories instilling a new ray of hope to reach the benchmark and face the camera one last time. After a revival of sorts, Sudheer finds himself back on a movie set, but not until he has stumbled on the fact that just how far the world has changed from the time he and his compatriots played the stock characters of the Hindi cinema of the 70s and 80s. He decides to come out of his retirement to get that one substantial film for which he would be remembered forever, completing his record of 500 films.

Kamyaab is a story about the sidekicks of Bollywood movies who might be visage as vital for the plot but remain behind when it comes to fame and popularity. It is a story of the actors who have faded into the oblivious

  • Masaan

Masaan, a desolate place, follows two heart-breaking tales; that Devi whose life is condemned after she is caught in the act. And that of a lower-caste boy Deepak, who falls in love with an upper-caste girl. Will Devi and Deepak find their silver linings in the dark places? The film is an Indo-French collaboration. It was a big achievement for a film with a cast that has no big stars and was directed by a debutant Director, Neeraj Ghaywan. Not only that, but it also swept two awards at the august Cannes Film Festival and a Filmfare back home.

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