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7 Costliest Movies To Hit Big Screens

Ever wondered what it takes to put on a beautiful movie on screen? All things aside, money is paramount. Continue reading to count massive budgets....


With different elements of comedy, action, romance, drama sublimely compounded together make up a bollywood movie. However, whatever we see on the screen is absolutely the result of unmindful expenses, ranging from the costs of hiring the superstars to shooting in breathtaking locations.

Lots of stuffs in the movies are happening with monetary value simply spent and put on to work. We love to watch visually marvelous scenes, from Shahrukh Khan turning into a robot, to Rajnikanth creating ruckus in “Robot”. But all of it does not come without a huge financial burden.

Here are top 7 picks for the costliest  bollywood movies made till date. The amount seriously is gigantically big.

1) Mughal-e-Azam- There are reasons about why the list has to commence with a name that already gives goosebumps to movie buffs. The entire movie has an unusual history embellished to it. It was the first bollywood movie to be made on such colossal budget which amounts to around 150 crores at present.

Keeping in mind the mere start of the cinematography, sound recordings, and film locations during those times, the amount is undoubtedly exquisite. The movie took around 16 years to complete and reportedly the song “Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya” alone was done on an average expenditure of 10 million which at present is sometimes the budget of the entire movie.

Pic Credit: Pinterest

2) 2.0- The sequence of the 2010 superhit flick “Robot” (Enthiran in Tamil) is the first bollywood movie to be reportedly shot in 3D. However, the budget of the movie crosses to more than 450 crores which is a serious monetary business. Thus, this movie with Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar in the lead roles tops the list of the biggest budget movies made in the country till date.

Pic Credit: Wikipidea

3) Devdas- This ethereal film with everyone’s favorite Shah Rukh, Aishwarya, and Madhuri no doubt is etched in our hearts. But it also makes up a prominent place among the pack of expensive films. And why not? The insane costumes, the lavish sets, the extraordinary designs, and the unimaginable casting amounts are more than enough to set the movie with an eye popping budget. In fact, rupees 12 crores were spent alone in designing the Kotha where Madhuri will give one of her best performances on ‘Maar Dala’. The lyrics hit different when matched with the budget.

Pic Credit: Wikipidea

4) Padmaavat- The movie probably can never be avoided from being the talk both because of the controversy attached and the budget spent. With breathtaking visuals, luxurious costumes, and the enthralling Johar scene the fim starrer Deepika, Ranveer, and Shahid was absolutely reminiscent of the era it portrayed. The film has also used IMAX technology and 3D, to give the required depth to the plot. All the technologies, elegance and grandeur that the movie was decorated with, it is no wonder that film costed more than 220 crores. That, without a doubt, is a massive sum.

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Pic Credit: DNA India

5) Baahubali- Anticipated already? This one raised the bar of film productions, of course, by several crores. The franchise with a sequence which was the talk of the town since the time of its release was ready on a crazy budget of almost 300 crores. The maginificent costumes and sets, and the magical battle sequences floated in front of our eyes like a dream. The credit supremely goes to stupendous financial business. The film exhibitors claimed that even after earning more than 600 crores, Bahubali franchise did not make any profit owing to an investment of a massive chunk of overall cost into its productions. Just imagine the insane expenditure.

Pic Credit: IBtimes

6) Thugs of Hindostan- The movie received mixed reviews, liked and disliked equally. But there is no denying to the fact in terms of set designs, the movie was definitely a visual treat. It is reported that along with the budget spent on exotic locations to idemtify with the times portrayed in it, a huge monetary sum was also spent for making 2 massive ships which was build with the help of not less than thousand people. The economics of the movie, undoubtedly, makes it one of the costliest ventures of Bollywood.

Pic Credit: StarsUnFolded

7) Prem Ratan Dhan Payo- The money spent never came back in the end, but nonetheless, the movie would always be counted amongst the movies with huge budgets. Could you imagine the cost of the palace which took around 18 crores to illuminate it? Along wth the palatial sets, the expenses were kept astronomically high from costumes, to renting massive forts in Rajasthan. All of it was done with so much monetary efforts just to keep in line with royalty addressed in the movie. Overall, the budget of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo went more than 90 crores.

Pic Credit: Times Of India

So, this was the list of some movies with costliest budgets and expenses. stay tuned to us for more such contents.

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  1. […] 7 Costliest Movies To Hit Big Screens […]

  2. […] 7 Costliest Movies To Hit Big Screens […]

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