A minute on the internet in 2020? Look what all happened!


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Sixty seconds can pass in the blink of an eye for someone scrolling mindlessly on social media. Well, what can possibly happen in a minute on the internet, you would think? A lot, actually! In fact, more than what can happen, happened this year. As covid-19 pandemic impacted our lives in an unprecedented manner, many never imagined aspects of our life moved online making the year 2020 – a roller coaster of cash, collaboration, covid-19 inspired socialization and entertainment.

The internet is now an integral part of our lives. some use it for work, some for studying, some for doing business and others use for fun, information, and watching movies. Combine all these actions together and we have an extraordinary view of life on the internet in a minute.

As each of us can do something different with internet and we see what this minute can mean for all of us, let alone for the internet itself, Lori Lewis and Officially Chadd on Visual capitalist brought us a crazy one-minute data on the internet in 2020, apart from all the other craziness that this year brought to us.

According to the compiled data, a single minute on the internet in 2020 accounted for 404,444 hours of Netflix streaming, 400,000 app installations, 347,222 Instagram stories, 500 hours of video upload on YouTube, 208,333 participants in zoom meetings, and a total of 41.7 million messages sent on WhatsApp.

The same typical internet minute also contained 1.3 million Facebook login, 194,444 people tweeting, 4.1 million making google queries, 2.5 million creating snaps, and $1.1 million being spent on online shopping per minute.

Well, below is a quite impressive info graph for you, published by Statista. Because a picture, as we know, is worth the thousand words but an info graph, nonetheless, is worth one blog post.  So, here we go!

See all the fascinating data categories across various categories for yourself.

image by: statista

In her analysis, Lori went through some other observations also, in a couple of different categories apart from the last year carried forward trends. And, obviously there is an up in activities on internet, happening in one single minute, compared to the year 2019. For example, there is an up of nearly 2.5 times in numbers of people tweeting per minute and a two-fold increase in numbers of people scrolling Instagram also factored by 10% increase of Netflix viewers.

See for a comparison here, between 2019 and 2020.

image by: Visual Capitalist

So, what do you think? I have no words for this crazy data!


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