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An Astounding 15-Feet Dig of a Well by a Young Woman to Help Her Ailing Mother; Receives Appreciation by Locals

Bobita digs a 15-feet well inside her house for her ailing mother so that she doesn't have to walk to the villages' water source to fetch it.


If we talk about people who have been inspirations to many eyes; the list is endless. People who do not wait for the situation to become favourable and take steps might be few but their imprints in societies are remarkable and large. We remember Dashrath Manjhi who in the memory of his late wife dug a road through a hillock using only a hammer and a chisel that brought him credits for becoming an inspiration to many. Similarly, is a girl from Asansol, West Bengal who has received applauds for laying inspiration to many of her age. She did not wait for anybody to come forward and back her, instead, showed others how important is it to move the world forward and not wait for it to be done by a perfectionist.

Bobita Soren, a young 24 years old college going girl when saw her 50 years old ailing mother standing in a long queue to fetch water, digs a 15-feet well inside her house. She did that so her ill-old mother doesn’t have to walk under an unbearably hot environment to bring clean drinking water from the villages’ water source which is 200 meters away; several times in a day as in past.

Bobita edged this move on her own last year when she was home for her vacations but had to leave it incomplete and return after her college reopened. This year the lockdown gave her enough time. She initially thought of seeking help and contacting the village panchayat but realized that this decision would be futile as the cost that will be incurred after will be hard on the family to bear. 

Picture showing her descending inside the well to dig it. Image credit: Hindustan Times

“My mother Nina Soren is anaemic and extremely weak from inside. Since my childhood, I used to see her work really hard and fetch clean drinking water for us which used to make me sad. I decided to not let her do this any further and this idea of digging the well came to my mind.” Soren said in an interview with India Today.

“My father and brother tied the ropes tightly with the help of which I used to go down every day and dig. I used to do that after completing all the household chores. This continued for the two to three weeks till I hit the water table. Sometimes, my sister helped me to bring out the soil but she works somewhere and it was difficult for her to be with me.” Bobita added.


Bobita has completed her Masters in Political Science and is now pursuing B.Ed. She aims to teach and educate woman of her place, Burdawan district in Asansol. Her father works in a local factory while her brother is a driver. Her elder sister works in a local garment shop. Bobita too aims to work as a teacher and support her family.

As soon as the news surfaced the internet and local newspaper of her appreciable move, the senior officials of the local administration rushed to her house on Sunday and assured that the administration will dig the rest.

“The administration will make it 30-feet deep well so that they can get proper drinking water by making it a concrete one. We will also pay her the amount it takes to dig a well.” Said Tapas Banerjee, MLA, and chairman of the Asansol Durgapur Development Authority.

Credit: Hindustan Times

The administration also promised her a job and a laptop as a reward for her remarkable efforts.

People like Bobita, young and enthusiastic have always been pillars of inspiration to our societies. They never waited for extraordinary opportunities but seized common ones and showed us that opportunities are often lost while waiting for perfect conditions.




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