What Are Anxiety Disorders? Different Kinds Of Effective Treatments For Anxiety Disorder.

Anxiety is the reaction of the body to stress and alarming the body about the possible danger ahead.

What are Anxiety Disorders? Different Kinds Of Effective Treatments For Anxiety Disorder.

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Do you worry when you face problems at work or stress Life? The body becomes anxious when it faces this worry. This is known as Anxiety.  It is a very common and normal emotion.

It is a way for the human body to cope up with stress and tension by alerting the body to a possible threat in the future. You might feel anxious about taking an important decision in your life or taking any kind of risk.

It is normal to feel anxious occasionally. But, a precise Anxiety disorder is a separate concept. It is a collection of mental illnesses that create consistent and excessive anxiety coupled with fear.


The overwhelming anxiety shall make you avert work, studies,  and other kinds of gatherings that can worsen the anxiety. However, anxiety disorders can be treated with effective treatment. 

There are different kinds of Anxiety disorders like:-

  1. Generalized anxiety disorder- You might feel extra and unnatural stress and worry over small or no reason.
  2. Panic disorder- It is a feeling of sudden and excessive fear that triggers a panic attack. The panic attack might cause excessive sweat and chest pain. The heart starts to ponder fast also known as palpitations.  It gives a choking feeling like a heart attack.  
  3. Social Anxiety Disorder- Social Anxiety Disorder is a kind of social phobia when a person feels excessive stress and self-consciousness in social interaction or circumstances. People become obsessed over others judging them. They might also feel embarrassed in social situations. 
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The symptoms of anxiety disorders are:-

The prime symptom of the anxiety disorder is overwhelming fear and anxiety. The anxiety issue can make it difficult to eat, sleep, concentrate or even breathe. But, some other symptoms can be:-

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What are the common causes of anxiety disorders?

The causes of anxiety disorders are very complicated. It’s yet not confirmed by any research about the particular and precise cause of anxiety disorder.


But, there can be a combination of things and situations that cause anxiety disorders. Some of the common causes of anxiety disorders are:-

What are the risk factors linked with an Anxiety disorder?

Many things might trigger an anxiety disorder that is known as a risk factor. Many times risk factors are the same but, sometimes they change. Risk factors related to an Anxiety disorder are:-

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How are anxiety disorders diagnosed?

If you have experienced any or a combination of the symptoms mentioned above then it’s important to contact a mental health professional. This can include sharing medical history cases and taking lab tests to assure the absence of other medical conditions that might cause the above symptoms. There is no particular diagnosis that can assure anxiety disorder.


Once a medical health professional confirms that there is no medical issue that might cause the symptoms, then they can refer you to a psychiatrist. They might ask questions and use some techniques to find the presence of an anxiety disorder. 

The medical health professional can further describe how long you have been suffering from an anxiety disorder. They might also tell about the level of intense nature of anxiety disorder.  

What is the relevant treatment for anxiety disorders? 

There are a variety of treatments to decrease and cope up with the symptoms of anxiety disorders.  The most common techniques of treatment are counselling and medicines.

Medications Many kinds of medicines are prescribed to treat anxiety problems. It is important to consult a medical professional or mental health expert to understand the benefits and side-effects of medicine and understand the relevant medicine in your particular case. Some common medications used for treating anxiety disorders are:-

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Some techniques to manage Anxiety disorder symptoms are:-


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