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Ashfaqulla Khan: Remembering the immortal revolutionary on his Birth Anniversary

Ashfaqulla Khan was a brave soul who will always be commemorated as a martyr, a legend, lover of the motherland. He will always be remembered as a martyr, a legend, a patriot.


Hanged at the young age of 27, Shaheed Ashfaqulla Khan is a household name who took an active part in India’s freedom revolution. Khan was born on 22 October 1900 in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh belonging to a Pathan family his mother was involved in administrative services.

Ashfaqulla Khan had a flair for Urdu poetry and wrote at length about the British conspiracy in India. He was a poet of exceptionally distinguished nature, and his writings and poems continued popular with independence fighters for a long time. His trendy line became an anthem for radicals.

Phoot daalkar shaasankarne ki chaal ka ham par koi asar nahi hoga aur Hindustan azad hokar rahega” (Your conspiracy to divide and rule India will not work; We will make Hindustan ours.).

He posses distinct thinking and unshakeable determination and steadfastness. He found Hindustan Socialist Republican Association. The immediate object of this party was to establish a federal republic of the United States of India. He took an active part in the freedom fight and was part of a group of patriots who took part in 1925 Kakori train robbery. Khan along with his friends, looted the train which was carrying a treasury of British Empire.

Ashfaqulla Khan
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The British government gave Ashfaqulla Khan a death sentence for their involvement in the conspiracy on 9 August 1925. He was hanged in a jail in Faizabad. A memorial was set up in his hometown of Shahjahanpur. The insurrectionist was perpetrated to his cause until the very end. He wrote about ‘his anguish at the political developments’ just three days ere his hanging.

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Nation remembers such brave souls and indebted to them forever for the freedom they have conferred upon us. He will always be commemorated as a martyr, a legend, lover of the motherland. Not only this the friendship ‘life-long bond’ between the two, Ramprasad Bismil and Ashfaqulla Khan, is the representation of communal unity in an exclusive India.

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Now at this crucial juncture, everyone should take a lesson from this courageous, fighter spirit who not only had to fight Britishers but also represented a standard of communal harmony.

Today nation is recalling his contribution. Ashfaqulla Khan, a revolutionary who was determined to draw the youth with his gallant activities and in the method, also attested to suppress the bank towards communalism. TSA pays homage to the unprecedented spirit excerpting his last message “Hindustani brothers, no matter what religion you belong to, please be one in the country’s work and do not fight.”

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