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Mirzapur: What Went Down In Season 1 And What Lies Ahead In Season 2

The wait of Mirzapur fans has almost come to an end as the season 2 will be streaming from the next day on Amazon prime Video. Before that read along to know what all has happened in the last season..


The most talked-about web series of India Mirzapur 2 is set to release on 23 October. It will be very exciting to see if this season is going to live up to the hype created by the makers as well as the expectation of the fans. Before hopping onto your couch to complete the season 2, you can choose to know what series of events took place in the first season.

The Key Players 

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The story of Mirzapur moves under the shadow of a local don called by the name of ‘Kaleen Bhaiya’. In his immediate hierarchy lies Munna, who is a half-witted guy of hot temperament and, only knows to show his dominance over the people with guns.

MIrzaPur | Guddo & Bablo with Kaleen Bhayya| MIrzaPur Scenes| "Risk toh wahan bhi hy" - YouTube
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To combat the family of goons rises, the brother duo Guddu-Bablu by acquiring power in Mirzapur. Guddu is a man of heavy-built personality who can easily muscle down his rival without caring about the consequences, while Bablu is a sharp-witted guy who loves to bring his foes to their knees with the games of the mind, despite having the guns always tucked in pants.

What Happened In Season 1

The season 1 opens with a scene where Munna mistakenly shoots a groom seated on a horse while dancing in baraat. The family of the groom decides to file a case of murder against Munna, and for this, they hire an honest lawyer in the town. The incident of the groom’s killing and case filing drops to the ears of Kaleen Bhaiya, who in rage permits Munna to go to that family and ask them to withdraw the case. The fear of Munna and Kaleen didn’t make any impact on the family.

Facing defeat there, Munna visits the lawyer house to threaten him to drop the case. The scene there turns upside down, and Munna gets beaten up by Guddu and Bablu, sons of the lawyer, in the wake of protecting their family. The matter reaches to Kaleen Bhaiya, who furiously summons both Guddu and Bablu.


Guddu and Bablu nervously rush to see Kaleen Bhaiya but are left surprised when Kaleen Bhaiya offers them a job impressed with their audacity of challenging him. Soon after, both the brothers are inducted into the gang and business of guns. The business takes an exponential growth, and so does the violence in Mirzapur and near-by areas. This leaves Munna upset because the two brother duo were winning the trust of and praises from Kaleen bhaiya with every profit coming in the business.

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Guddu and Sweety fall in love and decide about marrying each other soon, and Bablu helping Golu win college’s presidential election leaves Munna boiled down with anger because on the one side he seems to have lost Sweety and on the other side his position in the college to Golu.

The government and police department come on a high alert to control the rise of violence in the town. The growing bloodshed catches the attention of Rati Shankar Shukla, the archenemy of Tripathis in the series. Rati Shankar looks for a plan to take over Mirzapur from Kaleen Bhaiya. Soon the ripe time comes to his doorstep when the relation between J.P Yadav and Kaleen Bhaiya ends on a sour note during a Holi party because J.P slaps Munna in front of everybody. Thereafter, Rati Shankar gets secret backing from J.P to capture Mirzapur.

Meanwhile, all this is happening, in the other part of the plot at the same time, Kaleen’s father gets to know about the sexual relationship between Beena, wife of Kaleen Bhaiya, and Raja, the cook of Tripathi’s family.

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Further in the story, Guddu and Bablu end up killing Rati Shankar in Jaunpur, which annoys Kaleen Bhaiya as no one under his gang has ever killed anyone without his permission. Infuriated with the incident, Kaleen Bhaiya gives green signal to Munna to kill both the brothers.

Image Credit: Screenshot From Amazon Prime
Image Credit: Screenshot From Amazon Prime

Not missing this opportunity, Munna traces Guddu and Bablu to a reception party where he kills Sweety and Bablu. Somehow, Guddu, Golu (sister of Sweety) and Dimpy (sister of Guddu and Bablu) escape from there, saving their lives.

What To Expect From Season 2


At the end of the first season, it has been clear that who died and who survived. The expectation of the viewers rests upon a fact that if Guddu and Golu, who are out in the state of vengeance, will be able to destroy Tripathis and take away Mirzapur. Or is the story going to take the side of Kaleen and Munna, helping them to save their throne of Mirzapur and get done with Guddu who was left alive in the last season?

What season 2 is set to unleash to the viewers will be known tomorrow, i.e. 23 October. Till then stay tuned to Amazon Prime Video. Also, check our entertainment section for more such content.


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