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Top 5 Smartest Birds You Can Keep as Pets

If you are interested in owning a pet bird with superior intelligence, then begin your search with these incredibly advanced species. Here is a look at five of the most intelligent types of pet birds.


Birds, the most adorable and loving creatures of human beings. People often look up to the birds that will best be suited for keeping them as a pet. Here is a list of the top birds that can be pet.




1.African Grey Parrot

African grey parrot is one of the most heavily studied bird species in the pet bird species. A young scientist Alex Greys brought one of these species of birds to study how they can be pets. He bought the bird when it was at the age of one and since then he has been growing up in the protection of Alex.

Alex did a lot of researchers on pigeons but was not satisfied and wanted to know more about how other birds can be used as a pet so he decided to use the African Grey Parrot. He proved that other than pigeons this is also one of the birds that can be used as a pet. However, this idea of Alex was criticized, and said that the reaction of the bird was solely dependent on the operant conditioning method.




There are various species of the parrot and one of the most intelligent species is said to be the Hyacinth Macaw. This bird is said to be having and high IQ which is equal to a toddler. They can solve small problems and also have a high level of communication with other birds as well. Various studies have shown that as compared to the brains of the other birds, some parts of the parrot’s brain are bigger and have a lot of ability to perform a different task.



The cockatoos are also a kind of parrots and are said to be knowledgeable about the rhythm and music. These parrots were seen to be making musical instruments using various things. They were observed using the twinges and seed pods to make drumsticks. Some of them can also sway to the musical beats. One of the studies also explains that these parrots have objective attitudes. They are aware of all the objectives around them even if the objectives are not visible.

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Exotic birds


Budgerigar referred to as budgies are said to be the smallest member of the parrot family. These are set to be the first non-mammal species to demonstrate an understanding of the human languages. One of the studies said that these small little creatures can recognize small and meaningless patterns and also they can pinpoint abstract patterns. Only humans, rats, and monkeys have shown these kinds of signs.




Conures are of different varieties but are also the types of parrots. Being a part of these species, the birds have a lot of mental stimulation and enrichment to keep their smart brain busy. These birds need to be constantly involved in some major activities.



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