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Chaman Bahar- A humorous walkthrough patriarchy

Disclaimer: This is not a professional review, it is a cinephile’s verdict over the film.


‘Chaman Bahar’ sets itself in unassuming community India and gets its theme right – the characters, the setting, their way of talking all meet up to draw out a true feel. Billu (Jitendra Kumar) conflicts with the family tide and decides to open his own paan shop rather than taking up a timberland office work like his dad. Be that as it may, business is intolerably delayed for him and he winds up smacking a bigger number of flies in the day than making a genuine deal.


There is by all accounts some flash added to this hopeless reality when an administration representative and his family move into the empty house inverse his paan shop. Billu is in a split second interested by the youthful little girl in the family, Rinku (Ritika Badliani) who with her completely straight hair turns into an object of his male look.


Before long Billu understands that his shop has now gotten a looked for after spot since all the youngsters in this humble community of Lormi appear to be keen on her. His business is lively now – with an ever-increasing number of men frequenting his shop as a visit. Before long a carrom club is set up as well. In any case, when he also succumbs to her, he’s conflicted between occupying all the group from his shop and keeping his business unblemished. Everything goes on till the neighborhood police step in to sort things out.


Chaman Bahar begins as a particular, humorous watch yet it before long offers path to an awkward track of brazen male privilege. Rinku is a school going young lady and is unmindful of mix she has made around with her ‘half jeans’. She heads out in her scooty – three to multiple times in a day with a crowd of men following her in their bicycles. One political beneficiary even decides to follow her back from school to home in his vehicle, while requesting that his driver accelerate so she ‘knows’ she is being followed. While this finished with a hint of parody – it figures out how to make one wriggle more than a grin. We never hear Rinku talk or know her side of the story. She is here as the object of male want, simply based on her looks. At the point when it gets intensified to most men in the town, including her moderately aged teacher – it is unquestionably considerably progressively unpalatable.


Anyway, there are a few contacts that tick – when Billu’s romantic tale takes off albeit just in his psyche since Rinku has never at any point addressed him, he proceeds to get himself a makeover. He even attempts to redirect the consideration of the others, particularly the principal contenders for her consideration – the nearby lawmaker Shiladitya Tiwari (Alam Khan) and the rich town kid Ashu (Ashwani Kumar). There are likewise the two companions, the town tricksters in this blend – Somu (Bhuvan Arora) and Chottu (Dherendra Kumar Tiwari) who flourish with making disarray and inconvenience. In one telling scene, Billu nursing a wounded sense of self pursues off on his cycle behind Rinku’s bike however she dashes off, unreasonably quick for him to try and find her. Also, in the end, there is some reclamation looked for at long last. Be that as it may, the story is lopsided and the film’s pace loses steam mid-way making it a slow watch after a point.


While the cast across board pulls off a decent exhibition, Jitendra Kumar is unquestionably the high purpose of ‘Chaman Bahar’. He nails each temperament and subtlety of his character magnificently mixing into the humble community milieu without a blip. Another flawless demonstration after Panchayat.

Still from the film

The story 

A youngster, Billu opens a paan shop possibly to find that his business runs dry when there is an adjustment in the locale furthest reaches of his humble community. In any case, his fortunes transform when a family moves into the house inverse his shop, on the grounds that their young adolescent girl before long gets extravagant of the considerable number of men in this town.

TSA Rating: 4 out of 5 

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