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Comedy As A Dissent?



Every performance holds a disclaimer, mine was narrated by Zakir. With every Indian name which I typed has red-corrector (underlined the respective and following name) I clicked to-Add-to-dictionary. Yes, this US based software has to be habitual of  Indian-ism satirical-handles which holds the ground of truth about the unspeakable transparency of circumstances across the map. If we go on to the suggestive meaning explicit description, the implication of the disclaimer is vulnerability through media, has now been an epidemic.

Comedy is travelling as another opinionated version of human interaction rather as an entertainment which has held the seriousness rather amusement. Therefore the sole purpose of entertainment has lost through comedy. The history of satire ,the, first ever political satire was 2400 years ago where Greek dramatist Aristophanes, sometimes called as the father of comedy where he satirized Athenian leaders and their conduct of the Peloponnesian War.

Empirically, there had been a room of monologue or an art of monologue for most tense methods of regime in unbind pavement of complexities. But, this kind of blunt method of monologue where your words can put you behind bars, perhaps, would snatch your rights as a citizen and would barred you to exercise your normal life. Wherefore, United States stacked all freedom in constitution, freedom of speech under First Amendment –I, that hate speech is protected.


Another  example of Hubert H.  Humphrey quoted, “Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debates”. The respective statement in itself suffice the act of freedom was sparked upon us where there were multiple exchange of dialogues and monologues. Let’s take our instances from India where Varun Grover, Kunal Kamra has taken delight from the Article (19) (a) of Indian constitution corresponds to US First Amendment- freedom of speech. They had amused not only politics but the large audience by bringing art into the seriousness of world politics. Instances from their performances made our bellyache and left inquisitive of us whether our politics staged as comedy or comedy staged in politics.

In recent interview of Varun Grover with Hindustan times stated, “ I am primarily a comedian . Sometimes I also do comedy about cats. Now unless you find metaphors in cats, there is nothing political about those and I love doing such jokes as much as I love doing political content. I don’t think standup comedy is becoming too serious , in fact, I wish it was.”  Whilst reading the extract, the tune of Varun Grover hummed in and comedy played its part.

This has sufficed the perspective that the politics can be a see-through-glasses of comedy and we can let go off seriousness from our shoulders. Another heart throb performance of his, glides through our screen on the beat of “AZADI” where he so calmly discussed about INDIAN ELECTION and  naivety of political parties was applauded on the statement of, “congress k ek candidate ne boldiya agr aap congress ka button nhi dabaoge to electric-shock lagega” , varun amused audience by saying, “gaon walon ne bola isi bahane bijili to ayegi”.

Besides, Kamra has been restricted from article (19)(a) , “Shut up ya KUNAL” a pun made through a podcast to adjoin the article where he qualitatively addressed audience . It seems abrogation didn’t suppress his fanboy-ing and he had his impression at heart of listeners. He talks about DEVELOPMENT- in one of the recent performance where he acknowledged VIKAS as, “Mein seedha ambani ko vote kyun nhi de skta, apne ko koi problem hai kya- ambani se, bnaao na P.M, Ambani k pass wo sb kuch hai jo mere ko chaiye-METRO,KAPDHA,PETROL OR WIFI TO FREE”, he regaled, “I really think corporation should fight election , like Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani, lado-do hazzar unnis (2019). It will be such a good election, what they will talk about ,they will talk about development-vik’assss(satirical stressed which was quiet amusing),they don’t know about anything else like Ratan Tata ,will go to U.P. room full of people and then be like , KAMRA shrilling, “mandir yahi bnega , mandir yahi” ,he added, “ kitna out of character lagega Ratan tata esay suit mein gaya ,rally mein khdey hokar chilla raha h  mandir yahi uncle aap Parsi ho nichey betho-nichey betho. He impressively took the concept of VIKAS and wheeled interestingly, “banao koi RATAN Tata types, kya chillyega max to max, naano ka plant yhai bnega”.


The quality of understanding the democracy has not been degraded but boosted to clear the concepts, respectively. Recently, he was interviewed at Reader’s Digest and asked to answer about the news as political satire where he addressed the idea as, “Today, news is just satire. You are watching news to have a laugh and you are going to comedians and satirists for news- that shouldn’t be the case”. Here many most have presumed I have heckled patriotism by being prejudice as Varun Grover had much talked on it saying , “heckling was right but slapping was wrong” here we can reason many consequences but the experiments with ideas are the roots of invention where balanced articulation of human gesture can do wonders.

The progress which is moving with light years speed is in need of funny-balance because a source of relief is much needed where facts are full of painful pits and ditches. Henceforth philosophies and mantras of life changes human expressions because there are , “snakes on plane “but it is needless to say a political satire coming through several comedians has kept a positive balance of sanity.



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