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Coronavirus Timeline- How this pandemic intrude in India

With the rapid increase in the cases of COVID-19, India becomes the 3rd worst corona virus-hit country.


From China to India, affecting almost the entire world, Coronavirus has covered a long distance. It has spread its terror in the heart of every human beings. Despite of various measures and restrictions, the cases of COVID-19 still scaling up.

Let’s have a glimpse of the spread of Covid-19 across India.

•  On 31 December 2020-
Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A novel Coronavirus was eventually identified.

•  On 04 January 2020-07
WHO reported on the social media platform that there was a large number of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, Hubei Province. No death reported till now.


•  On 12 January 2020-
China publicly shared the genetic sequence of Covid-19.

•  On 22 January 2020-
WHO found evidence of human-to-human transmission of Coronavirus in Wuhan.

•  On 30 January 2020-
India reported its first COVID-19 case, found in Kerala.


•  On 03 February 2020-
Two more cases reported from Kerala and the state declares health emergency.

•  On 02 March 2020-
Delhi-NCR reported its first Covid-19 case.

•  On 11 March 2020-
With the rapid increase in the corona cases, WHO declares Covid-19 a Pandemic. It asked people to take safety measures.


•  On 12 March 2020-
India reported its first Covid-19 death in Karnataka.

•  On 13 March 2020-
By observing the critical condition of the country, India suspended all tourist visas & OCI entries.

•  On 14 March 2020-
With the 100 Corona cases, the Indian Government declares Covid-19 an unavoidable catastrophe.

•  On 22 March 2020-
Janta Curfew was observed. The Government suspended all international flights in order to minimize the positive cases in India.


•  On 25 March 2020-
To stop the increase of COVID-19 cases, nationwide lockdown observed for 21 days.
All local trains, buses, and domestic flights were suspended for a period.

•  On 14 April 2020-
As the Covid-19 cases reached 10,000, Government extended nationwide lockdown till 30 April.

•  On 01 May 2020-
Lockdown extended with zone- wise restrictions. Cities with high Covid-19 cases categorized as Red Zones. Those with little or no cases categorized as Orange and Green Zones, respectively. They enjoy a little relaxation. Shramik special trains started for migrant workers stranded during the lockdown.


•  On 07 May 2020-
India started its biggest repatriation mission called “Vande Bharat Mission,” to bring back its citizens stranded in different countries.
The total number of cases rise to 50,000.

•  On 12 May 2020-
Government asked Indian Railway to resume 15 trains to rescue those who get stuck during the lockdown. But the trains were restricted to selected stations.

•  On 17 May 2020-
The Government extended lockdown till 31 May. It was the world’s biggest lockdown.


•  On 19 May 2020-
Around 1, 00,000 Covid-19 cases reported.

•  On 25 May 2020-
To help the citizens stranded in different cities, domestic flight resumes with special measures and restrictions.

•  On 08 June 2020-
Nationwide phased reopening begins with unlocking 1.

•  On 12 June 2020-
India overtakes the UK to become the 4th worst coronavirus-hit country.


•  On 27 June 2020-
Total covid-19 cases cross 5, 00,000.

•  On 01 July 2020-
Phased reopening under unlock 2. Schools and colleges still remained closed for the safety of students.

•  On 06 July 2020-
India overtakes Russia to become the 3rd worst coronavirus-hit country.

•  On 15 July 2020-
India’s Covid-19 vaccine candidates Covaxin & ZyCov-D begin human trials.


•  On 17 July 2020-
India’s total Covid-19 cases cross 10, 00,000.

•  On 22 July 2020-
Around 11, 00,000 corona cases reported on 22 May.

.  On 24 July 2020-



•  On 25 July 2020-

Total confirmed cases: 13,84,259
Total active cases: 4,67,337.
Total deaths: 32,096.
Cases recovered: 8,84,826

This pandemic has taken away the normal routine of the people; it has filled their lives with tragedies and mishaps. Many of them have lost their loved ones, and many are struggling to survive on their death bed. The whole nation is suffering from the consequences of Covid-19.
At such a bad time, we should hope and pray that this disease should be eradicated as soon as possible. So that people can live their life as beautiful and peaceful as before.



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