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Rapes are heinous crime: These are 10 countries with strict rape laws

Rape punishments around the world


There are many horrific crimes in the world, and one of them is rape. It impacts the victims in unimaginable ways. 

Victims of this heinous crime go through emotional, mental, and physical torture. They are even looked down on in society and eventually, the rape victim’s life whirls into a living hell.

So different nations across the globe have made strong laws and norms to tackle this devilish crime, to make their respective country a safer place for its citizens.

Here is the list of different countries around the world, which inflicts the most brutal rape punishment for their citizens.

1. India

Image credit: Livemint

After the Anti-Rape Bill passed in 2013, India came up with strong punishment for rape’s culprits. If a person found guilty of rape assault, they are liable to 14 years of imprisonment. In some of the cases, life imprisonment and death sentences are pronounced in India.

2. China

Image credit: Indiatvnews

China has a strict law against rapists. They punish rapists straight away with a death sentence. In some cases, rapists are punished by castration.

3. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia rape law


As far as punishment is concerned, no nation can surpass Saudi Arabia. Being an Islamic country it follows the laws and regulations are as per the Islamic Sharia laws. If a person is found guilty of rape, then they are beheaded in public after administering the rapist with a sedative.

4. Russia

Image credit: The Moscow Times

 If rapists are convicted of rape assault in Russia. They are sentenced to prison for 3 years. But in some circumstances, punishment can be given up to 30 years. It depends on the harm done to the victim.

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5. North Korea

Image credit: Human Rights Watch

North Korea is widely known for its strict rules and regulations. 

This nation has no leniency when it comes to crimes like rape. The Rapists are shot to death by the Korean squad.

6. Afghanistan

Image credit: Huffpost

If the court convicts the rapist, instant justice is given to the rape victim and within the four days of a court trial, the rapist is shot in the head.

7. United States

Image credit: Law offices of Scarpello

The United State of America has two different kinds of Law- State law and Federal Law. Here it depends on, whether the rapist trial case falls under the Federal government or State government. Under Federal law, rapists can be fined or awarded life imprisonment.

8. Norway

Image credit: Science Norway

 In this Scandinavian Country, punishment for rape is a stringent one. The rapist is punished with 4 to 15 years of imprisonment. Any kind of sexual behaviour without consent falls under the category of rape.


9. Israel

Image credit: The New Yor Times

If someone found guilty of rape. Rapists are awarded a maximum of 16 years of imprisonment.

10. France

Image credit: France24

In France, rapists are sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment, and the punishment can be extended up to 30 years. It depends on the severity of damage and brutality the victim endured.

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